2012 leatt h2 hhf harness hydration system   2012 Leatt H2 HHF Harness Hydration System

A new hydration system that works perfectly for XC, Enduro, and freeride bicycling has been released for 2012. Called Leatt H2 HHF Harness, this H2 Fuelpack has an upper body that is constructed with a secure fit and an amazing flexibility.

Based on a very light hydration harness, this high-performance mobile hydration system offers free and forceful body movements without compromising safety and comfort, thanks to its Leatt-Brace, harness angle’s ergonomic fit, upper body and arm muscles’ oxygen absorption.

Weighing in at 307g, the 2012 Leatt H2 HHF Harness Hydration System has a liquid capacity of up to 2.5L. Its one-size harness has buckles that allow for numerous adjustment possibilities that make it easier to adjust to various body constitutions.

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