pinit fg en rect gray 20   Burgtec Titanium Offset Shock Hardware

burgtec titanium offset shock hardware   Burgtec Titanium Offset Shock Hardware

Head angles can be effortlessly controlled by using Burgtec Titanium Offset Shock Hardware to shorten or lengthen the very useful shock eyelets. When Marc Beaumont won at Val Di Sole 2010 World Cup, he admitted that this offset shock hardware contributed to his victory.

Depending on the shock bolt size of the frame, the angle alteration allowed by the Burgtec hardware ranges from 1 to 1.5 degrees. Obviously, 6mm frames will have the highest amount of alteration while the 8mm frames will get the least.

Made from grade 5 Titanium, the hardware weighs considerably lighter than the steel hardware ones but still maintains equally outstanding wear ratings like that of the OE Aluminum ones. To keep out as much element as possible, a proprietary o-ring seal is included in the hardware.

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