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Ritchey 2011 SuperLogic Wheels and new Handlebars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ritchey 2011 SuperLogic Wheels and new Handlebars

ritchey 2011 superlogic wheels and new bars 1 174x300   Ritchey 2011 SuperLogic Wheels and new HandlebarsRitchey introduces their new lightweight road wheelset and announces the release of two new bar designs.

At the top of the line among Ritchey’s collection are the Superlogic wheels which have a 46mm deep aero rims with glass-reinforced Scrim sidewalls. The design prevents rim malformation and durable enough for prolonged use of the brake. The Superlogic wheels come in both tubular and clincher models. The tubular weighs 1,170g while the clincher weighs at 1,390g with a price tag of £2,166 a pair.

Ritchey Superlogics used the new SKF bearings for its hubs. A forged six-pawl micro-clutch freehub body is at the rear to facilitate quick engagement of the cranks round. Shimano/SRAM and Campag models are available.

Sapim CX Ray Aero Stainless steel spokes (20 up front, 24 at rear) laced the hoops and are secured in place by the new Richey WCS quick release skewers which are machined cams and redesigned…

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Bike Porter from Copenhagen Parts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Porter from Copenhagen Parts

bike porter from copenhagen parts 300x300   Bike Porter from Copenhagen Parts

The Bike Porter sets together artistic styling in a practical hauling accessory without altering the clean and simple lines of your ride. This is the latest “integrated handlebar and basket” issue put out by Copenhagen Parts.

For single-speed enthusiasts, the Bike Porter offers the convenience of a basket, which is integrated onto handlebars.

The alloy tubing and rod of the Bike Porter is heat-treated making it tough yet light. It is intended to be easily attached to the stem. Likewise, it could be fastened to any bike with the use of a two part stem or an A head stem.

The Bike Porter is offered in different sizes; W: 50 cm, L: 40 cm and H: 23 cm with a tube wall thickness of 2.5 mm. It has a manageable grip diameter of 22.2 mm and a clamp diameter of 25.4 mm. In all, it weights 1638 g along with stainless…

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Deco BMX 2010 Products

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Deco BMX 2010 Products

new deco products 1 300x200   Deco BMX 2010 ProductsChad DeGroot has come up with a top of the line product for Deco. Currently released by Deco are frames, bars, forks and small components.

The Deco Self Titled Frame has a 74.5 head tube, a 71 seat tube and a rear end of 13.5 inches. The frame, which weighs 4lbs 15 oz (20.5 version), features a 11.87 MID bottom bracket height. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The sizes available are 20”, 20.5” and 21”. The colors now available are Raw, Black and Grey. There it also comes in Raw for custom painting. The frame has a $329.95 price tag.

Not to be left unnoticed is the Deco FuForks with steep 28mm rake FuForks and removable 990 tabs. It features a remarkable 1 piece machined steer, CR-MO blades and a full heat-treated CR-MO dropout at only a weight of 32.8 ounces. Its .8 oz. Compression bolt…

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USE Summit Carbon Road Handlebars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   USE Summit Carbon Road Handlebars

new handlebars from use 300x225   USE Summit Carbon Road HandlebarsUltimate Sports Engineering have made a name for itself as a creative and innovative manufacturer of cycling parts for twenty years. Its latest ingenious design is called the Summit.

The Summit is a carbon road bar whose target market is your average road riders who long to be comfortable when cycling for long distances. The Summit has a 31.8mm center section that follows the curve of the handle bar on its upper bend. This will allow the round upper section to be flexible to whatever angle its rider chooses to hold the grip with.

An additional feature most riders would like is that a roughened area was place at the center area and the section underneath the brake levers. This will lessen the need for you to exert clamping force. Two cable guides are also available at the underside of the bar uppers.

The Summit road bar has a depth of…

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Easton’s New Haven Line

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eastons New Haven Line

eastons new haven line   Eastons New Haven Line

Releasing its new collection, the brand Easton has added to its Haven line a new set of handlebars, stems and seat posts to go along with the all-mountain alloy and carbon wheel set that they had released previously.

The Haven bar, which is both offered in carbon and alloy versions are almost the same with their 71mm width, 20mm rise and 9-degree back sweep. They also added the new haven carbon bar that is a cross-country light which is about 170g but at an affordable price. Besides the bars, they also added their Taper Wall butting and shaping technology that keeps the aluminum version at 265g all in two colors.

Also, available soon to their product is the matching machined and forged aluminum stem with a large 40mm diameter extension and a handlebar clamp that resists torsional flex. The upcoming handlebar will also have Easton’s Top-lock faceplate design which is…

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Vision Base Bars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vision Base Bars

vision base bars   Vision Base Bars

After coming to a conclusion last year by the UCI to enforce its “3:1” regulation concerning the ration of chord lengths of any cycle component of non-circular aerodynamic cross section, the company Vision, a specialist on aerohandlebars, has created its two new bar designs to meet with the regulation as well as to offer improved ergonomics together with internal brake cable routing.

The new Vision Base bars are both made in aluminum and carbon. These are both available in the middle of June in UK. These bars have a 31,8mm diameter center bulge that extends sideways to accommodate the clip-on tribar clamps and adding to their bar feature is a zero -degree flat wing profile.

The Vision bars is not a problem when it comes to its weight. These bars only weigh at about 207g which makes it even great. The Carbon OS base bars has a 3K twill…

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Cinelli x Death Spray Ram 2 Carbon Handlebars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli x Death Spray Ram 2 Carbon Handlebars

cinelli death spray ram 2 carbon handlebars   Cinelli x Death Spray Ram 2 Carbon Handlebars

Cinelli Ram 2 Carbon Handlebars have made a serious splash with cyclists, and while a good portion of local bike shops will have the handlebars, we can guarantee you will not find the collaboration with Cinelli and Death Spray just anywhere. The Cinelli x Death Spray Ram 2 Carbon Handlebars feature various mouths all over, giving the nickname to the collaboration “Hand to Mouth”, fitting the bars appropriately. One Cinelli logo is present right smack in the middle of someones mouth. You will not see any stickers or vinyl wraps, which would take away from the artwork. Instead, this is a clean job.

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