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Machete Bikes Slayer Handlebar Prototype

machete bikes slayer handlebar prototype   Machete Bikes Slayer Handlebar Prototype

Machete Bikes has leaked some pictures of their newest prototype, the Slayer Handlebar.

Resembling the Redline 4-Piece bars that released in the 1990s, the Machete Slayer Handlebars are made for fixed gear bikes and uses fully heat treated bars adding optimal strength (with 1.4 inch tubing).

Using a 4.3 inch rise with 29.5 inches in width, making the bars easier to pull up and comfort while cruising was the key points for the Slayer Bars.

The Machete Slayer bars are going through testing as we write this by Corey San Agustin, Antonyo Worthe and Chu. Of course, things could change after the testing process, but we will keep you updated.

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2012 Pro-Lite San Martino Handlebars

2012 pro lite san martino handlebars   2012 Pro Lite San Martino Handlebars

Uniquely and nicely designed, the new 2012 Pro-Lite San Martino Handlebars offer maximum stiffness. By offering the perfect balance of carbon and alloy, these new handlebars guarantee unequaled strength and comfort for road bikes.

Included in the unique features of the handlebars are its integrated twin-tunnel cable routing, which chuck out the feel of cables. Riders will enjoy the reduced stress on their wrist and the maximum fatigue relief offered by the anatomical design of the handlebars.

Pro-Lite has enhanced the performance of the 2012 San Martino by increasing the strength and high impact resistance of the handlebars. Moreover, the placement of the tunnel is designed to work both with Shimano and with Campagnolo.

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2012 Crank Brothers Handlebars

2012 crank brothers handlebars   2012 Crank Brothers Handlebars

Crank Brothers has updated its four handlebars for 2012. First off, the Cobalt and Iodine bars get a bigger collection of widths. Created from strong and lightweight carbon, an ultra wide 780mm is added in the 11 level.

The new level 1 cockpit comes in a Cobalt seat post and bar and Iodine bar and stem for entry level users. Getting an angle update and width increase are the added bars, Opium 3 and Sage 2, which measure in at a massive 780mm width and 9 degrees of back sweep as well as 15mm and 30mm rise heights.

While the iron-colored 290g Opium 3 bar uses 7050 aluminum, the 325g Sage 2 uses 2014 aluminum. Indeed, the Cobalt, Iodine, Opium, and Sage bars are nicely updated to make a high quality range of 2012 Crank Brothers handlebars.

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2011 Officine Firenze Milani Wooden Bike Handlebars

2011 officine firenze milani wooden bike handlebars   2011 Officine Firenze Milani Wooden Bike Handlebars

Officine Firenze Milani has created exquisitely designed wooden bike handlebars for 2011. Individually selected materials were used in order to come up with wooden handlebars of the highest caliber on the market.

The wonderful design of the handlebars are achieved by the semi-gloss finish, the natural grain of every teak, as well as mahogany, walnut, and ash layer. Without sacrificing comfort, structural reinforcement and a fine industrial accent are offered by its bisection of aluminum but gloves may be required by longer rides.

Made in Italy, the 2011 Officine Firenze Milani Wooden Bike Handlebars are inspired by the elegant vintage bikes that tour the streets of Florence. Each design features different personalities. This can be the ultimate accent any bike can ever have.

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Black Market 40 oz Forks and Molly Hatchet Handlebar

black market 40 oz forks and molly hatchet handlebar   Black Market 40 oz Forks and Molly Hatchet Handlebar

Black Market introduces two new products, which are the 40 oz Forks and Molly Hatchet Handlebar. Aside from the 40 oz forks and the Molly hatchet handlebar, BLKMRKT’s 2011 fixed line includes the New School Fixed (NSF) bike that is in production and is scheduled to be available in Spring. This line aims to enter into the fixed freestyle industry.

First, the 40 oz fork is manufactured for the NSF and other frames. It comes with a few nice details. The steerer is threaded and fluted to allow optimal strength. These flutes decreases while it increases the durability on the fork.

Second, the Molly hatchet handlebar is 28 inches wide. This stiff and shiny handlebar comes in chrome finish and in either 2″ or 3″ rise. With the knurled 22.2 clamp area, it is guaranteed that the bar will never slip. It works well with MTB, DJ bikes and…

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Race Face Riser and Flat Handlebars

race face riser and flat handlebars   Race Face Riser and Flat Handlebars

The Race Face riser and flat handlebars are one of the many new products for cycling to welcome this 2011. The 600 mm flat bar is made of cold drawn, seamless 7075-T6 Air Alloy aluminum. It is built for XC, Trail, and AM and is shot peened for increased fatigue life. The feather lightweights range is from 170 g for the 600 mm flat bar to 245 g for the 1” riser. An XC-oriented flat bar is at 600 mm while a 1” riser is at 680 mm. A 700 mm flat bar is at a smooth 8-degree sweep. The most popular version is the ¾” rise, which comes in at 680 mm wide with a 6-degree rearward sweep.

The Race Face flat bar is internally butted to achieve the finest strength to weight ratio. This tough but light bar is of great help when tackling long treks in backcountry…

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New Bella Ciao Componenti Speciali Handlebars

new bella ciao componenti speciali handlebars   New Bella Ciao Componenti Speciali Handlebars

Bella Ciao launches hand polished handlebars that deliver a retro feel to any bike it’s paired with. Reminiscent of Cinelli vintage bars or TTT timeless bars and stems, the Componenti Speciali glows with a subtle shine, unique from the hand polishing it receives in Italy.

All the aluminum handlebars have a diameter of 22.2mm and a stem clamping diameter of 25.4mm. Exclusively made by a small workshop in Germany, Bella Ciao reveals that the process of hand polishing involves a rotating tool that can uniquely create the desired shape, tubing, length and width of the bar.

Here are some more details on the four new bars:
Model CS5A Handlebar: width 59.5 cm, weight 320g
Model CS4A Flat Bar: width 51 cm, weight 220g
Model CS3A Riser Bar: width 55.5 cm, weight 220g
Model CS1A Sweptback/Upright Bar: width 50.5 cm, weight 300g
Model CS2A Sweptback/Upright Bar: width 49 cm, weight 260g

Retail price for the Componenti Speciali handlebars…

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