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GripRings Handle Bar Grips by Spurcycle

griprings handle bar grips by spurcycle   GripRings Handle Bar Grips by Spurcycle

A new brand of bicycle accessories, Spurcycle, introduces its first product called GripRings Handle Bar Grips. Featuring a high-quality silicon rubber, these bike grips are not only brightly colored but also durable and comfortable.

Each of the GripRings handlebar grips, which can be modified in terms of color, width, and length, is put together from a series of rings. It is easy to install these rings with a secure fit even without stretch-on and generic propecia online if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link”).style.display=”none”;} tools.

Included in the unique features of the GripRings are its end-plug protects bar end and elastic positioning across various handlebar styles. The grips are also available in 12 colors, which can be configured to millions of patterns.


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Deity Components: Fall 2012 Prototypes + Production

deity components fall 2012 prototypes production   Deity Components: Fall 2012 Prototypes + Production

Deity showed up to the Sea Otter Classic ready with some of their Fall 2012 components. Some shown are prototypes while others are the production version.

First up from Deity is the CZ38 Special Handlebar, which is Cameron Zink’s signature model. This is a prototype that Cameron is currently testing. Constructed of 7075 T6 gradient butted aluminum, 760mm width and 38mm of rise. Weighing in at 310 grams, the bars will come in murder black, black and white, red, green and purple.

Another prototype, the Locust direct mount is made of CNC 7075 T6 aluminum, 65mm wide with an overall stiff setup. The weight is 117 grams. Upon release, the Locust Direct Mount will come in black, red, purple and green.

Deity also had a handful of seats on display, the Pinner DH, Rally I-Beam, Thimble I-Beam and Mainline DH.

The Deity Pinner DH seat utilizes lightweight…

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3T Zefiro Aero Handlebar Combines Road Drop Bars with Aero Wing

3t zefiro aero handlebar combines road drop bars with aero wing   3T Zefiro Aero Handlebar Combines Road Drop Bars with Aero Wing

A combination of Ergonova bend drops, Pi wing extension, and Mistral aero flat tops is the latest offer of the new 3T Zefiro Aero Handlebar model. While it is design for ultimate speed, this handlebar also combines control with power for climbing and sprinting.

Outfitted with a hand support, the Pi WingTM bar extension is uniquely designed and its length can be adjusted. The shape of this bar extension is aero and very ergonomic. Comfort is viagra for sale maximized as the hands and wrists can rest on the online payday loans aerofoil acclainsetscasino hand rest in a usual position. Also, the upper surface of the basebar has silicon pads, on which the forearms can rest.

Available in PRO, TEAM, and LTD versions, the 3T Zefiro is ideal for short-course triathlon, century, and sportive cycling.

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2012 Joystick Bicycle Components Analog Carbon Handlebar

2012 joystick bicycle components analog carbon handlebar   2012 Joystick Bicycle Components Analog Carbon Handlebar

Joystick Bicycle Components, a new company based in Vancouver, that consists of many bike industry veterans and artists who are cycling aficionados, has released its very first product called the Analog Carbon handlebar. This bar features first-rate engineering, product development, and technical design.

As compared to most alloy bars, the Analog Carbon handlebar is tougher. Although lightweight enough for all-mountain riders, this bar is also great for freeriders. With a 20mm rise, this 725mm wide bar features an extraordinary eight-degree backsweep and five-degree upsweep.

Created by riders, the 2012 Joystick Bicycle Components Analog Carbon Handlebar certainly caters to the specific needs of riders, thanks to its shape and damping that are designed to offer unparalleled handling for an excellent riding experience and guaranteed control.

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2011 Enve DH Handlebar

2011 enve dh handlebar 300x62   2011 Enve DH Handlebar

Enve releases its latest handlebar, the DH. Deemed to be the perfect bar for extreme downhill mountain bike racing and riding, the DH has 800mm width, 9 degree sweep and weighs 225 grams. It has a 23mm rise and 31.8mm clamp.

Founder Jason Schiers explains how the DH idea came to be, “We have been spending a lot of time with guys riding downhill, four-cross and jump bikes and the growing theme has been wider is better . . . So the introduction of a 800mm bar addresses the width needs of anyone.”

When asked about the material used for the DH bar, Schiers adds, “Carbon on dirt still presents a formidable challenge to overcome, but as with all of the products we make, we expect that durability in addition to ride quality is a given.”

On what is in store for Enve in the years to come, Schiers further says, “2010…

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SE Bikes Sterling Handlebar

se bikes sterling handlebar   SE Bikes Sterling Handlebar

The same BMX style handlebars on the PK Ripper fixed gear are now shipping to SE retailers, the bars are known as Sterling.

The SE Sterling handlebar comes in black and chrome, made of alloy, strong, and light. As of now, weight and retail price are not known, but check with your local SE dealer to purchase.

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Gran Royale Fixed Handlebar Stem Combo

gran royale fixed handlebar stem combo   Gran Royale Fixed Handlebar Stem Combo

Making headway with their fixed gear products now, Gran Royale announced their new components for 2010, while we have a preview of the handlebar stem combos. Two different Gran Royale Fixed Handlebar Stem Combos are available, a drop bar and flat bar. The Gran Royale drop bar combo uses about a 100mm stem, while the flat bar combo is about the same. Three colors are available, black, white, and silver.

Source: Prollyisnotprobably

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