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2012 Carrera Kraken

2012 carrera kraken   2012 Carrera Kraken

Halfords does not follow suit with the trend of rising bicycle prices. With its new Carrera Kraken hardtail model for 2012, it guarantees topnotch features but its price is incredibly lower than other competitors. Some of these features are maintained from its previous versions.

The heat-treated and double-butted 7005 alloy frame of the 2010 model will also be used in the 2012 version, which weighs 13.8kg. A 120mm-travel Suntour XCR-D air fork will also be used up front. Its pedals are of higher quality alloy but of similar price with throwaway plastic pedals.

With a classy look but lowered price, the 2012 Carrera Kraken is a very competitive mountain bike to watch for. Included in the spec highlights of the bike are Clarks hydraulic disc brakes, Continental Mountain King 2.2in tires, SRAM X5/S600 gearing and alloy wheels.

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2011 Halfords Urban Mover U-Sprite Electric Bike

2011 halfords urban mover u sprite electric bike   2011 Halfords Urban Mover U Sprite Electric Bike

Well-designed, plain, and reasonably priced, the 2011 Halfords Urban Mover U-Sprite Electric Bike takes pride in its specs that are thoughtfully put together. Including battery, this electric bike weighs in at 22kg, which makes it quite lightweight for an e-bike.

Contributing to this moderate weight are the mudguards, aluminum frame, rack and wheelset. With such weight, this e-bike does not need battery assistance to spin around town, despite its sit-up-and-beg riding position.

On the other hand, this e-bike is a little lumbering for hills with its high, wide bar and upright pedaling position. What makes the 2011 Halfords Urban Mover U-Sprite Electric Bike special is its attention to detail considering its low price. Thus, even after the electrics are outmoded, the bike can be a lasting investment.

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