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2011 Montane Featherlite Velo H2O Jacket

2011 montane featherlite velo h2o jacket   2011 Montane Featherlite Velo H2O Jacket

Montane balances breathability and waterproofness with its bike-specific jacket released this 2011 called the Featherlite Velo H2O. Ideal for performance road cycling, the lightweight and thin Freeflow H2O fabric makes the jacket sufficiently breathable and waterproof at the same time.

Perfect tight fit is offered by the jacket’s short front and long back. The arms are made very long to cover the wrists even when stretched out during rainy rides. The jacket has no hood and pockets, which allows it to pack down small and easy to stash in the jersey back pocket.

Fully showerproof, the 2011 Montane Featherlite Velo H2O Jacket keeps the rider’s inner clothing dry even under heavy rains. This makes it one of the most breathable cycling jackets available today and so far the only performance road cycling garment that perfectly balances breathability and waterproofing.

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2011 Santini H2O Epic Jacket

2011 santini h2o epic jacket   2011 Santini H2O Epic Jacket

One of the popular all-round jackets in 2011 is the Santini H2O Epic Jacket. This cycling jacket is hugely breathable and will surely keep the rider dry in most conditions. Its fabric is exceptionally stretchy and breathable so riding in comfort is guaranteed.

There are two different types of fabric that make the H2O jacket, which are the black panels and white areas. The black panels are made from Nextec’s Epic polyester while the white areas are the new fabric, AquaZero that is made from nylon and elastane.

Windproof, the Nextec fabric lets no water through during extremely wet rides even after several washes in the machine. The AquaZero is less watertight but it can still tackle drizzle and light rain. During rides when the weather is unpredictable, the 2011 Santini H2O Epic Jacket is a great choice. …

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