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2012 Guerciotti Gemini Road Bike

2012 guerciotti gemini road bike   2012 Guerciotti Gemini Road Bike

One of the most versatile road bikes on the market today is the Gemini, which has been launched by Guerciotti Bikes for 2012. Carefully designed, the frame is ideal for any kind of rider, especially the hardcore adventurers.

With Mitsubishi, one of the top carbon fiber manufacturers in the world, the monocoque frame of the Gemini offers an unmatched quality. Thanks to this TR50S carbon fiber, which is in a 12 K texture high-module 24 ton, its reliable frame efficiently combines light weight with the highest resistance.
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With a frame that weighs in at 1.15kg, the 2012 Guerciotti Gemini Road Bike is ideal for riders who weigh 110kg or less. What gives this bike dependable technical features and outstanding design is its combination of internal cables and an oversize headset tube.


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2012 Guerciotti Record Road Bike

2012 guerciotti record road bike   2012 Guerciotti Record Road Bike

For rides who are fond of vintage-style bicycles, one of the popular models on the market today is the new road bike called Record, which has been introduced by Guerciotti Bikes for 2012. The frame of this road bike weighs in at 2kg and it can accommodate riders who weigh up to 130kg.

When it comes to its tubing and lugs, the Record is engineered with innovative design. Major features of this state-of-the-art road bike include an Acciaio fork, BSA BB shell, 1ine threadless headset, and a 27.2 seat post.

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Aside from its classic aesthetics, the 2012 Guerciotti Record Road Bike also offers personalization when it comes to each color scheme. Hence, this machine is perfect for riders who want to stand out on the road in terms of performance and fashion.

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2012 Guerciotti Antares Road Bike

2012 guerciotti antares road bike   2012 Guerciotti Antares Road Bike

Guerciotti, an Italian company known for producing several unique and high-quality bikes, viagra canada has launched its new range of bikes for 2012, which include the newly updated road bike called Antares. First off, new graphics give the bike fresh aesthetics.

Among all the bikes in the 2012 range of Guerciotti bikes, the Antares is the only model that comes with an aluminum frame. Made with a carbon fork and aluminum 6061 tubes, the Antares frame absorbs road vibrations more efficiently.
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Aside from its unique and state-of-the-art components, the 2012 Guerciotti Antares Road Bike also takes pride in its incredibly low price. Moreover, with a 1.68kg frame, this road bike is not recommended for riders who weigh more than 130kg.


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