pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 GT Fury Full Suspension MTB

2011 gt fury full suspension mtb   2011 GT Fury Full Suspension MTB

Apart of GT 2011 Gravity line, the Fury is back, with a Team model and WC (World Cup).

The 2011 GT Fury received a lower bottom bracket and more slack in the head angle, this was achieved by removable head cups. You can still expect a carbon fiber frame, plus a independent drivetrain system which is easier to maintain. The world cup 2011 GT Fury features 40 RC2 forks and DHX RC4 Shock, and the Team uses a Fox Vanilla RC fork.

The World Cup comes in a blue/red finish while the Team model uses GT yellow. Retail for the team is $5,349, and the World Cup is about $4,789.

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