pinit fg en rect gray 20   2013 Shimano Saint Group Set

2013 shimano saint group set   2013 Shimano Saint Group Set

One of the items on the list for 2013 for freeriders and downhill racers is the new Shimano Saint Group Set. Focused completely on the severity of mountain bike riding, the Saint is perfect for gravity riders.

Designed with extreme rides in mind, the Saint was improved to be a competitive tool on buying cialis the race course, thanks to pro racers, such as Gee Atherton and Aaron Gwin, who helped Shimano designers and engineers enhance the ergonomics, durability, rigidity, and braking power of the group set.

Featured by its 10-speed rear derailleur is a SHADOW RD, which offers a quieter drive train, significantly reduced chain dropping, and enhanced control. At its pully cage, there is a switch seting off a stabilizer that offsets the up-and-down chain momentum’s powers in bumpy environments.


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