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Limited Edition Stephen Murray Stay Strong Grips

limited edition stephen murray stay strong grips   Limited Edition Stephen Murray Stay Strong Grips

ODI are going to be releasing a limited-edition set of their Ruffian lock-on grips. The proceed from the grips will go towards Stephen Murray’s medical fund. Murray, being one of the world’s best BMX riders, was injured in an accident while attempting a double flip. The 2007 accident left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. The limited edition grips are black and gold, with black etched clamps. A “Stay Strong” sticker is also included with the grips. Two lengths will be available; 130mm and 143mm. The Limited Edition Stephen Murray Stay Strong Grips will be available in January 2010 at Ison Distribution….

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Cannondale V-Tech Grips

cannondale v tech grips   Cannondale V Tech Grips

Grips become a very important issue when riding on trails and off-road; not just any old grips will suffice. You definitely don’t want your hands slipping while you’re coming off of a jump or anything of the sort. The anti-slip Cannondale V-Tech Grips are great for off-road use, and they are dual-compound for maximum grip and zero bar slip. They weigh only 98 grams. You can purchase the Cannondale V-Tech Grips at the Cannondale online shop for $14.99….

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Spank Scented Grips

spank scented grips   Spank Scented Grips

You know its the sign of the times when a company is making scented bike grips, and Spank will have these available for 2010. Each Spank Scented Grip will smell like either a fruit or whatever is closets to the grip color, except for black (Magic Black) which does not contain a smell. The “smells” available are apple red, grape purple, berry blue, zesty orange, and vanilla white. Spank Scented Grips also have a DE-BOSSED pattern, allowing you to have more contact with the grips. Length of the grips are 145mm and also has expander caps using stainless steel hardware. You might want to make note that the grips are not lock ons, so depending on your riding you may want to reconsider purchase. Available in the UK for £7.99.

Source: Pink Bike

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Specialized Rocca Locking Grips

specialized rocca locking grips   Specialized Rocca Locking Grips

The Specialized Rocca Locking Grips are made for Mountain Biking, and since they feature a larger profile you can expect shock to be absorbed but still soft for your hands. When Specialized created the Rocca Locking Grips, they made sure the pattern discouraged slipping, while the improved locking clamp will make sure you don’t have an accident due to the grips coming off. Available in white, black, or natural for $30.

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Grid Massage Roller Grips Trigger Point Therapy

grid massage roller trigger point therapy   Grid Massage Roller Grips Trigger Point Therapy

A new invention sort of speak by Trigger Point Therapy called the Grid, which is made of foam and massages your hand, so it is no wonder why these grips will make a impact. Massaging from your palm to your finger tips, the Grid Massage Roller Grips Trigger Point Therapy uses less EVA foam not like your traditional grips, and said by TP they will last longer without breaking down. Measurements are 13 inches long by 5 inches in diameter, and holds a retail price of $39.99.
Source: Bike Rumor

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