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GripRings Handle Bar Grips by Spurcycle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   GripRings Handle Bar Grips by Spurcycle

griprings handle bar grips by spurcycle   GripRings Handle Bar Grips by Spurcycle

A new brand of bicycle accessories, Spurcycle, introduces its first product called GripRings Handle Bar Grips. Featuring a high-quality silicon rubber, these bike grips are not only brightly colored but also durable and comfortable.

Each of the GripRings handlebar grips, which can be modified in terms of color, width, and length, is put together from a series of rings. It is easy to install these rings with a secure fit even without stretch-on and tools.

Included in the unique features of the GripRings are its end-plug protects bar end and elastic positioning across various handlebar styles. The grips are also available in 12 colors, which can be configured to millions of patterns.


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2012 NC-17 Pro Grips

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 NC 17 Pro Grips

2012 nc 17 pro grips   2012 NC 17 Pro Grips

One of the high-quality yet affordable cycling items for 2012 is the new NC-17 Pro Grips. Made from a first-class pro compound high density rubber material, the grips ensure not only excellent grip on the bars but a reliable traction between the tires and the ground, as well.

With its special rubber compound, the NC-17 Pro Grips provide the rider with unequaled durability and comfort. Adding to its high quality are its nice aluminum rings. Also, the grips will be available in black and white colors.

Even in terrible conditions, the 2012 NC-17 Pro Grips guarantee an excellent grip. This is the item to trust for those who are looking for grips that do not only avoid hand fatigue under any conditions but bring the hand motions specifically and straight to the bars, too.

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Redline Flight Lock-On Grips

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Redline Flight Lock On Grips

redline flight lock on grips   Redline Flight Lock On Grips

If you’re looking for high quality grips, then you may want to check out the new Redline Flight Lock-on Grips.

These grips are built with a soft and tacky surface, which is integrated into a locking base held in place by alloy collars. The Flight Lock-on grips, which also feature push-in end plugs, are geared for tightening up your grip to its max with the assurance that these grips aren’t coming off.

There are two kinds of Flight Lock-on Grips. First is the Pro, which is 130mm long x 32mm diameter. It comes in a clear grip with blue or red clamps and a black grip with black collars. The other one is the Expert, which is 120mm long x 30mm diameter. The Expert comes in a clear grip with a red collar and a black grip with black collars.

Retail price: $24.99.

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Brooks Slender Leather Grips

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brooks Slender Leather Grips

brooks slender leather grips   Brooks Slender Leather Grips

Brooks is known for clashing elegance and vintage styled products, and what caught our eye is their new Slender leather grips.

Brooks Slender Leather grips use a aluminum structure. Natural corks and leather tape are wrapped around it. You can also replace the leather tape if it gets cut or you want a different color.

Previously released is the Brooks Plump leather grips, which are made of recycled leather. When comparing the Slender and Plump grips, the Slender is much lighter (the name gives it away as well).

Three colors are available: black, light brown, and dark brown. Retail is $80.

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Charge x Surface Saddle + Grips

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Charge x Surface Saddle + Grips

charge surface saddle grips   Charge x Surface Saddle + Grips

Charge Bikes will release a saddle and grips in collaboration with Surface. As you can see, each component features black, blue and white.

The Charge x Surface Saddle features mid width, light, synthetic leather and is Charges “Spoon” saddle. A embossed Charge and Surface logo is present, plus cro-mo steel rails. Weighing in at 258 grams, retail price is $38.78.

Moving to the grips, which use a secure clamp dipped in anodized blue, etched on the aluminum and knurled pattern rubber. Retail is $17.05.

All products in the collaboration are limited.

Source: Prollyisnotprobably

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SE S1-E Grips

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE S1 E Grips

se s1 e grips   SE S1 E Grips

SE S1-E Grips are available now at local SE retailers and online. The SE S1-E Grips are 2 piece, which take on an original or 1980s BMX style, while three grips are available, two take on two colors. Constructed of dual kraton rubber compound, and all over SE Bubble 3D pattern, each grip retails for $12. Colors available are white/blue, blue/brown, and solid black.

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ODI Longneck XL and ODI TLD MTB grips

pinit fg en rect gray 20   ODI Longneck XL and ODI TLD MTB grips

odi longneck xl and odi tld mtb grips 1 300x200   ODI Longneck XL and ODI TLD MTB grips

ODI ventures into the fixed gear world with its new Longneck XL. Patterned from its BMX counterpart ODI Longneck, the new fixed gear grips are 3 inches longer and come in nine eye-popping colors, great for those riders who want to match their Deep V’s with their grips.

The Longneck XL sports vertical ribs encompasses the length of the grip. This enables its riders a stronger hold without hand gloves. It can be used for riser bars and track drops.

Retail price for a pair of Longneck XL is $12.95. The available colors are black, pink, white, bright blue, purple, green, orange, bright red and aqua. Push-in plugs will come in 2 colors. (All grips are open ended.)

Not to disappoint mountain bikers, ODI collaborated with Troy Lee Designs to come out with the ODI TLD Lock on Mountain Bike grips. The grip is made with an angled design that hugs your hand…

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