pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Vans Gravel Mountain Bike Shoes

2011 vans gravel mountain bike shoes   2011 Vans Gravel Mountain Bike Shoes

Vans, the legendary skate shoe brand, has launched a new pair of mountain bike shoes for 2011 called Gravel. Featuring Van’s classic WaffleGrip tread pattern, the shoes are designed specifically for riders who prefer flat pedal.

The Gravel offers not only performance on the bike but a fashionable look to the rider as well. Built for flats or platforms, these shoes will stick to traditional BMX-style pedals very well. This is achieved through the custom-designed TRAX rubber outsole.

Durable and breathable, the 2011 Vans Gravel Mountain Bike Shoes feature synthetic leather and mesh upper that make it stand the test of time. The removable hook-and-loop strap allows for more pedal power. Abrasive-resistant synthetic materials wrap the entire upper making the shoes water-repellant.

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