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2011 Gran Royale Creeper Fixed

2011 gran royale creeper fixed   2011 Gran Royale Creeper Fixed

Gran Royale‘s new fixed tailored towards street riding for 2011 is the Creeper. The Creeper is your traditional beginner fixed.

After the first year of Gran Royale’s launch, the brand, a branch off of Eastern Bikes, has grown with popularity due to their reasonably priced products. With the success Gran Royale has seen, the 2011 Creeper should shine.

The 2011 Gran Royal Creeper features a Hi-Tensile 1020 steel frame and tubular 100% 4130 chromoly fork with enough clearance for barspins. The steel construction of the Creeper will definitely take a thrashing.

Like previously said, the 2011 Creeper is your beginner fixie, but will still use components like higher end models. Some worth mentioning are the high flange hubs, sealed bearings, and integrated head tube.

If you get tired of riding fixed and just want to cruise the streets, a flip flop hub has been added for freewheel riding. …

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Gran Royale Lurker 700c Wheels

gran royal lurker 700c wheels   Gran Royale Lurker 700c Wheels

Eastern Bikes sub brand Gran Royale, known for their fixed gear bikes and components has just released a new set of 700c wheels known as the Lurker. The Gran Royale Lurker 700c Wheels utilize a double wall alloy rim, welded seams, 36 laced spokes, precision bearings, and high flange hubs.

Gran Royale Lurker wheels are flip flop, meaning they can run a fixed cog or freewheel. Upon purchasing, you will receive a 16t cog and freewheel. Using a quality nylon strip on the front and rear rim, you can also choose from the following colors: gold, grey, red, black, and purple. Retail for the front rim is $119.95, and the back will run you $129.95.

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Gran Royale Fixed Handlebar Stem Combo

gran royale fixed handlebar stem combo   Gran Royale Fixed Handlebar Stem Combo

Making headway with their fixed gear products now, Gran Royale announced their new components for 2010, while we have a preview of the handlebar stem combos. Two different Gran Royale Fixed Handlebar Stem Combos are available, a drop bar and flat bar. The Gran Royale drop bar combo uses about a 100mm stem, while the flat bar combo is about the same. Three colors are available, black, white, and silver.

Source: Prollyisnotprobably

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Gran Royale Lurker 2010 Freestyle Fixed Gear

gran royale lurker 2010 freestyle fixed gear   Gran Royale Lurker 2010 Freestyle Fixed Gear

Gran Royale makes its first crack at the fixed gear world with their bike called the Lurker. The Gran Royale Lurker 2010 fixed gear is a freestyle bike, and while the Gran Royale company is a sister site to the popular Eastern company. Some of the features are full chromoly frame, integrated seat clamp and headtube, Precision Sealed Bearings, and the Tubular fork allows you to hit barspins. As of now, the Gran Royale Lurker 2010 is sold as a complete bike, and comes in a wide size selection. MSRP is $699.95, available in black or purple.

Source: Prollyisnotprobably

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