pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Novara Gotham Urban Bike

2012 novara gotham urban bike   2012 Novara Gotham Urban Bike

A new good-looking urban bike called Gotham has been introduced by Novara for 2012. Rather than gears, this urban bike uses spheres. Through this, shift effort is considerably reduced while transferring pedal torque at the same time so anytime, riders can shift in any condition with ease.

Featured by the Gotham is the NuVinci N360 hub, which is an uncomplicated twist shifter that allows for flawless shifting between an unlimited number of ratios within its 360 % range. Moreover, this guarantees that riders are in the accurate gear all the time.

Featuring low maintenance and nice aesthetics, the 2012 Novara Gotham Urban Bike is the ultimate all-weather commuting machine. With the combination of Gates CDX belt drive and Gates Carbon Drive, dirty chains, grease marks, and fussy derailleurs are all eradicated.


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