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Gore 25th Anniversary Cycling Apparel Collection

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gore 25th Anniversary Cycling Apparel Collection

gore 25th anniversary cycling apparel collection   Gore 25th Anniversary Cycling Apparel Collection

Gore is celebrating its 25th year Anniversary with a special cycling collection. The Gore 25th Anniversary collection, also known as the Jubilee collection, features a set of men’s and women’s apparel. The collection was done up in white and silver to celebrate 25 years.

For the men’s side we have the Oxygen jacket (£159.99), Oxygen Jersey (£74.99), and Ozon bibtights (£109.99). On the women’s side is the 25th Anniversary Phantom So jacket (£129.99), Ozon Lady jersey (£74.99), and Ozon Lady tights (£84.99)

Also photographed is the original jacket from 1985, a true piece of cycling history, which appears in orange. Release date for the collection is March 2011.

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Gore Ride On Cable Systems

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gore Ride On Cable Systems

gore ride on cable systems 288x300   Gore Ride On Cable SystemsGore Ride On Cable System answers the need of a cable housing system that can stand the test of time and use. The Ride On Cable System from Gore makes sure that you have the control and confidence each time you use your suspension with the Remote Lockout System. The housing is compressionless and lubricated to give you a more precise performance.

The cable system is compatible with all suspension remote lever system that features a 4mm housing and 1.1mm derailleur cable. Installation is easy and a limited warranty of one year is part of the package. The cable will be protected from outside elements like the weather. The remote lever performance is steady as the cable is coated and the housing is at its full-length.

The Gore Ride On Cable System can come in black or white. It is available now in the market with a suggested retail price…

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Gore Motion Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gore Motion Jersey

motion jersey   Gore Motion Jersey
With its outstanding technology for cooling and venting, the Gore Motion Jersey manages body temperature moderately.

According to researches, the human body can perform better at an external temperature of 80° F. In order to achieve this, Motion Jersey is made up of microfibers that help the body cool. Microfiber fabric is known to be more breathable and has great thermoregulation qualities.

A feature that adds to its breathability is the mesh inserts under arms. Other functional features are the front zip with semi-lock slider, zip-underflap, three-compartment patch pockets on back and a slightly slanted back pocket on the side for better access. MSRP: $69.99

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FUSION SO 3/4 Pants

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FUSION SO 3/4 Pants

fusion so 34 pants   FUSION SO 3/4 Pants

Equipped with the Windstopper® Soft Shell technology, the stylish high-cut back, windproof and water-repellant FUSION SO 3/4 pants are soft on the skin and versatile.

The FUSION SO 3/4 also gives you the perfect fit with its elastic, width-adjustable Velcro waistband and pre-shaped knees. Comfort is assured as it is designed with front mesh inserts for ventilation, adjustable with zip.

No need to worry about keeping your goodies with you while cycling. The 2 side pockets and Zip pocket on its back side and a laser-cut pouched pocket that can zip gives you storage without forfeiting fashion.

Reliability is well-established with its total windproofness and maximum breathability. These two factors are very important to enhance your performance when conquering the mountains! As they say, nothing beats fashion with convenient comfort assured….

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Gore Xenon Sonic Bibs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gore Xenon Sonic Bibs

gore xenon sonic bibs   Gore Xenon Sonic Bibs

Over the past few years, most cycling apparel made available to consumers have been designed specifically for men. But since cycling is a unisex sport, some companies have adopted designs for women that differ beyond size. Take the Gore Xenon Sonic Bib for example.

So why did Gore tailor a cycling bib to further accommodate a woman’s needs ? A problem for many women is the level of difficulty involved in “answering natures call” while suited in a cycling bib. Unlike men who find it easy, women struggle with the design flaws of many of the cycling apparel out on today’s market. Gore has recently combated this issue with its Xenon Sonic Lady bibs, however

This product was designed with a zipper around each hip for easy unfastening. Once unzipped, the bottom half of the bib can be pulled down like a pair of regular shorts. These shorts are crafted just the…

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Gore Oxygen Jacket Review

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gore Oxygen Jacket Review

gore oxygen jacket   Gore Oxygen Jacket Review

Bike wear innovator Gore has some appealing cooler weather road apperal goodies in its fall/winter collection that we got to dabble with, such as the Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Jacket.

Made out of Gore’s ultra-light Gore-Tex® Paclite® Shell fabric, the jacket fits snuggly for ultimate performance on the saddle without sacrificing breathability. The fabric used by the bike wear giant also guarantees its riders a dry experience. Its tight fit helps eliminate any fluttering fabric, thus minimizing wind resistance. The Oxygen Jacket did an above average job blocking the bitter morning wind thanks to integrated Gore-Tex® technology, conserving a comfortable amount of body heat.

Through Gore’s ingenuity, the Oxygen Jacket provides ergonomic support on long rides through its tight fit, pre shaped elbow, long drop tail, cuffs, and collar. Though the jacket is firm fitting, the Oxygen jacket also did well adjusting to the stress applied in “riding position” through the elastic…

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