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2011 Gore Bike Wear Power Beanie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Gore Bike Wear Power Beanie

2011 gore bike wear power beanie   2011 Gore Bike Wear Power Beanie

Gore Bike Wear created an all-around bike commuting kit item called Power Beanie for 2011. This versatile function provided by the cinch cord allows the rider to wear it as a scarf or a hat. Either way, its easy and simple stow-and-go size keeps it readily available in pack fulltime during the cold season.

For ventilation once set out, the head-top hole of the beanie can be adjusted. The wind-blocking warmth provided by WindStopper Soft Shell fabric is versatile. During cold rides, the rider just needs to close the hole snug. But when warming up, the hole must be slightly opened.

For a better riding experience, the 2011 Gore Bike Wear Power Beanie keeps the riders’ ears warm and head vented at all times. Not only is this one-size-fit-all beanie comfortable to wear. It is well-constructed as well so it stays intact even after weeks of daily commuting…

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Gore Spring Kit 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gore Spring Kit 2010

Gore Spring Kit 2010 1 300x300   Gore Spring Kit 2010

Gore Bike Wear has released their Spring Kit. This is comprised of the Ozon bibtights shorts, Ozon Windstopper Jersey, Windstopper arm warmers and leg warmers.

The Windstopper Soft shell technology is used in the products. There is a soft middle layer present in the fabric, making it water-resistant and windproof. It also promotes maximum breathability for its user.

The Ozon bibtights shorts offer high comfort and style for the medium to long road cyclist. It provides lesser chances of chafing due to the bibtights’ elastic seat pad. It is specifically cut and designed for cycling posture and has abrasion resistant material at the insides of the leg as well as the saddle area. Reflective piping is found at the hem and back of the legs. It comes in red on black, black on black and black on white colors. The retail price for the Ozon bibtights shorts is $149.99.

The Ozon Windstopper Jersey…

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Gore FUSION SO Off-Road Cycling Pants

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gore FUSION SO Off Road Cycling Pants

gore fusion so pants   Gore FUSION SO Off Road Cycling Pants

After hitting the trail hard all week wearing Gore’s off-road specific FUSION SO Pants, a part of the bike apparel manufacture’s Fall/Winter collection for 2010, we’ve gathered some consensus.

Gore’s patented loose fitting WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell fabric assists in keeping those legs safe on the trail from windy weather conditions, which has been prevalent in our area this season. When temperatures climb, the pants can be quickly modified by instantly transforming into shorts through its zip-off pant leg feature.

Though loose fitting, the FUSION SO comes equipped with very handy integrated Velcro straps that harness the rugged material built around the ankles to keep your chain from eating your pants. Velcro straps are also found around the waistband for a tailored fit.

The FUSION SO incorporates user-friendly front pockets on each side with a zipper to protect any goods from falling out. The pants are also host to a rear zipper…

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