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Charge Oven Bike Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Charge Oven Bike Gloves

charge oven bike gloves   Charge Oven Bike Gloves

Another new product from Charge for 2010 is the Oven Bike Gloves. As you can see, the Charge Oven Bike Gloves are full fingered gloves, and are available in two different materials and colors; black lambs leather or brown mesh. Wide size range of extra small to double xl, while the black lamb gloves will cost £29.99 and the brown mesh £24.99. Releasing early 2010.

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Prendas Super Roubaix Gloves Winter

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Prendas Super Roubaix Gloves Winter

prendas super roubaix gloves winter   Prendas Super Roubaix Gloves Winter

Tis the season to get colder, well it already has and cycling during the days or nights can make your hands cold and dry, but Prendas has a fix with the Super Roubaix Gloves. Apart of their winter line, the Prendas Super Roubaix Gloves for Winter are made of fleece, allowing your hands to stay warm, while still thin so you can get a “no glove” feel. Durable and easy to maintain, retail price is £16.50….

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