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SealSkinz All Weather Cycling Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SealSkinz All Weather Cycling Gloves

sealskinz all weather cycling gloves   SealSkinz All Weather Cycling Gloves

The best cycling gloves are those that you can use in any weather. Such a product is the SealSkinz’ All-Weather Cycling Gloves, which is known for its close fitting and versatile thermal properties. Waterproof, windproof and breathable thanks to Porelle membrane technology, SealSkinz’ All-Weather Cycling Gloves stay keep you dry.

SealSkinz’ cycling gloves can adjust with the whims of the weather. When the temperature rises, the gloves will keep the hands warm and at the same time wick the sweat away. Moreover, the gloves also have a soft, fleecy fabric on the thumb so cyclists can conveniently wipe their sweat away from their face.

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Specialized BG Radiator Glove

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized BG Radiator Glove

specialized bg radiator glove   Specialized BG Radiator Glove

The Specialized BG Radiator Glove is specifically designed to keep the hands of mountain bikers numb-free. It features the Body Geometry Gel Pad that contours your hand, protecting your ulnar nerve from pressure. A specific thickness was incorporated in the Radiator glove with O-Foam knuckle pads that are perforated to keep the heat away from your knuckles.

The BG Radiator glove features a mesh top and an Absorbent Microwipe™ thumb for removing sweat. For better flex on the fingers, the Radiator glove has split flex zones with thermoplastic finger protection welded on them. Making sure that the glove can fit anyone’s wrist without making it too tight or too loose, micro cuff Velcro straps are there for easy adjustment.

The Specialized BG Radiator Glove in black and slate retails for $45…

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Race Face Deus Gloves

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race face deus gloves   Race Face Deus GlovesIf you would conquer a tough terrain, it will be better for you to use gloves such as the black Race Face Deus Gloves. Remember that you have to get a good grip on your bike handles so you will not fall of your bike and keep you from any accident. And because of the pressure, you would need these gloves to keep your hands from getting all the pressure and shock caused by uneven terrain.

Race Face Deus Gloves is made from a very lightweight stretch mesh. This assures proper ventilation in your hands so you will feel very comfortable while cycling. And for added comfort, it also has a sweat port on both sizes of the palm and ensures ventilation on your fingers.

In terms of shock absorption, it has a 2mm padding made foam on the palm areas. In this way, you…

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Giro Zero Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Zero Gloves

giro zero gloves   Giro Zero Gloves

Giro comes out with a new glove called the Zero. It is a pro-level glove designed for riders who are looking for a well-ventilated glove that gives great handling of the bar when used.

The glove is made of supple micro-vented lather palm. It has a breathable upper to give a form fitting feel. Once worn, the glove seems to become much like a second skin.

Giro used their Super Fit technology to design the glove in a manner that optimizes comfort and performance. With this technology, you won’t feel the gloves bunch up each time you grip the handle bars.

For the leather used on the glove, Giro features the Pittards WR100X. The leather is made from hairsheep, the Cabretta, and it was precisely chosen for its fine but sturdy texture. It underwent a special tanning process to make the leather water-resistant and will resist sweat better than most other leather and…

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Vaude Releases Cycling Hydration Backpacks & Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vaude Releases Cycling Hydration Backpacks & Gloves

vaude releases cycling hydration backpacks gloves   Vaude Releases Cycling Hydration Backpacks & Gloves

When you hear the name Vaude what comes to mind is outdoor backpacking items, but you can add cycling specific backpacks and gloves to the roster. The new Vaude Cycling Hydration Backpacks and Gloves include the Hyper Air 14+3 backpack, using Aero Flex panel and Floating Length Adjustable Shoulder Harness known as Flash, helmet holder chest straps dipped in a bright yellow. Northshore is specifically designed for all mountain and freeriders with all the straps in place and MP3 pocket, and last but not least is the Trail light 9, a light backpack weighing only 440 grams for cyclist riding long distances.

Two of the Vaude cycling gloves Parkride and Elite. The Vaude Parkride glove uses gel padding, silicone prints, and integrated stretch creases, while this is a full finger glove. Elite is designed for longer rides and those that want to take stress…

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Specialized Radiant Glove

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Radiant Glove

specialized radiant glove   Specialized Radiant Glove

When the temperature gets cold, your hands will be the first to feel it, especially if you’re cycling. Some heavy duty winter gloves like the Specialized Radiant Glove are insulated and fully waterproof, in low temperatures up to 32 degrees. The Specialized Radiant Gloves feature Thinsulate insulation to provide maximum warmth. The internal Hipora shell is responsible for keeping the water out. A brush microwipe thumb wipe helps you wipe away moisture from your face. The gloves have high grip palm material, which functions even when wet. Reflective piping is added for visibility. You can purchase the Specialized Radiant Glove at the Specialized online shop for $57….

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Specialized Sub Zero Gloves

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specialized sub zero gloves   Specialized Sub Zero Gloves

The temperature is dropping very fast, resulting in a need for warmer gear and accessories if you want to continue cycling. The Specialized Sub Zero Gloves are ideal in cold and wet conditions, especially at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The gloves feature a fully waterproof Hipora shell, as well as a windproof micro-fleece core layer, which can be worn separately in warmer weather. Their lightweight shell construction keeps them packable, without taking up too much space. The cold and wet are kept out by the extended gauntlet-style cuff. Safety is always a primary concern, so the Specialized Sub Zero Gloves have reflectivity for visibility. Purchase the Specialized Sub Zero Gloves at the Specialized online shop for $50….

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