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2011 Oakley Factory Glove

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Oakley Factory Glove

2011 oakley factory glove   2011 Oakley Factory Glove

Oakley has a new item for mountain biking for 2011, which is the Factory glove. The minimalist slip-on design makes the glove look too weak for hard trail riding and its soft and thin material is something expected from a lightweight driving glove. However, the glove is surprisingly durable.

Sufficient airflow is provided by the lightweight fabric of the Factory. Through this, the hands of the rider are kept cool and free from dank sweat. With the thin material, riders can handle the bars with a nice feel. One amazing feature of the glove is a soft terry cloth nose-wipe on the thumb.

Durable, comfortable, and unbelievably functional, the 2011 Oakley Factory Glove is ideal for mountain biking and XC races. It comes in six color options with Wade Simmons and Brian Lopes signature editions. It is incredibly affordable as well.

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DaKine Men’s Covert Mountain Bike Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DaKine Mens Covert Mountain Bike Gloves

dakine mens covert mountain bike gloves   DaKine Mens Covert Mountain Bike Gloves

Excellent mountain bike gloves for men are the Dakine Covert. Throughout days of hard-hitting riding, riders can rely on Dakine Covert bike gloves, which are designed to provide strong and fixed grip. Its silicone gripper finger tips guarantee unmatched control.

For single track and table-tops, the gloves offer lightweight hand protection while performance articulation is guaranteed for precise handling. The freedom of movement offered by the gloves is also unmatched; thanks to the neoprene knuckle flex panels.

As a minimalist’s glove, the DaKine Men’s Covert Mountain Bike Gloves are made for smooth, precise riding. With its breathable nylon mesh back-panel, riders stay cool while temperatures heat up. The gloves also feature durable synthetic suede palms and Terrycloth thumb panels.

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2011 Giro DND Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Giro DND Gloves

2011 giro dnd gloves   2011 Giro DND Gloves

Affordable thin gloves, the 2011 Giro DND is great for all-around riding with its great comfort, fitting, and look. This lightweight full-finger glove provides control through the bars. DND is nothing but a simple durable glove for everyday riding with an excellent fit.

Designed with a three-piece Clarino palm, this minimalist glove is very comfortable on the bike by eliminating the nasty bunching up that can take place while riding. During hot days, the lightweight upper keeps the rider’s hands cool.

Adding to the excellent comfort and fitting is the elasticated cuff, which is not as adjustable as the Velcro but does not easily wear out. All seams of the 2011 Giro DND Gloves are double-stitched and they can be machine-washed….

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Knog Switch Glove

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Knog Switch Glove

knog switch glove   Knog Switch Glove

Any rider with a love for gloves should definitely get the new Knog Switch Glove , which works great for any and all riding styles from cyclocross to road biking and still delivers a unique level of warmth all throughout the year.

It would be a bold statement to say that the new Knog Switch Glove is definitely a great contender for being hailed as the “it” gloves for 2011. The gloves feature a neoprene and mesh sections as well as a synthetic leather palm to keep your palms from getting drenched with sweat. These gloves are also windproof and are really comfortable no matter what the climate is from summer to winter.

The gloves’ palm pads have been designed to stay in place no matter what the type of handlebar the user might clutch. As an added plus, the thumb area has also been reinforced to keep it stronger. The…

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Dragomir Freeride Downhill Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Dragomir Freeride Downhill Gloves

dragomir freeride downhill gloves   Dragomir Freeride Downhill Gloves

The Dragomir Freeride Downhill Gloves are specially made for freeride and downhill riders. These power gloves are extremely packed with features that protect your hands, keeping you safe and comfortable on all your rides. The upper part comes with an elastic spandex that will keep the gloves in place, never allowing them to fall off.

The Dragomir Freeride Downhill Gloves features a stiffening “bracelet” of neoprene, safeguard polycarbonate insert Kevlar and protective pads on the middle and terminal phalanges, which gives you maximum ventilation at all times. The unique design offers comfort while riding with excellent grip and ventilation. Comes in three different sizes – M, L and XL; all in blue color scheme. MSRP: $55.

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2011 SixSixOne Raji Inspiral Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SixSixOne Raji Inspiral Gloves

2011 sixsixone raji inspiral gloves   2011 SixSixOne Raji Inspiral Gloves

One of the most popular gloves on today’s cycling makret are the SixSixOne Raji gloves. And now it has come to its evolution. In other words, it’s been given a makeover.

Known for its best fitting and well-ventilated gloves, the 2011 SixSixOne Raji Inspiral gloves are now even better than ever and come in new designs. It is made with more breathable and synthetic fabric. Aside from its well known use of a thin well ventilated mesh back, the streamlined pull on compression cuff adds more comfort. The gloves are built with a palm area, which are extremely thin and made of Tactile in .5mm synthetic leather and fingertips made with a direct printed grip for extra maximum control. It also comes with elastic strap on its wrist without Velcro.

Expected to be out this February 2011, available sizes are XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Five color—black,…

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2011 Fox Helmets, Gloves, Jerseys, Knee + Arm Pads

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fox Helmets, Gloves, Jerseys, Knee + Arm Pads

2011 fox helmets gloves jerseys klnee arm pads2   2011 Fox Helmets, Gloves, Jerseys, Knee + Arm Pads

There’s no doubt that Fox has delivered several goods last year, and this year is no exception. To start off 2011 right, Fox has released several new products such a helmets, cycling gloves, jerseys and knee and arm pads.

New helmets have been released, including the Flux helmet, built with an outer shell that covers and protects the EPS from dings and dents, thus, provides structural integrity with a molded wrap fit.

Coming to its line of apparel accessories are its Unabomber gloves, built with hydro management nano-technology for more resistants to water. The Unabomber also serves as the company’s debut of its very own new Poron XRD extreme Impact Protection.

The Poron XRD extreme Impact Protection foam is brought to the next level, as it stays soft and flexible when used normally but turns stiff for protection when impact occurs. The same foam is also found on the new…

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