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2011 Globe Live 3, 2, Mixte Commuter

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Globe Live 3, 2, Mixte Commuter

2011 globe live 3 2 mixte commuter   2011 Globe Live 3, 2, Mixte Commuter

The 2011 Globe Live series consists of four models, two for men and two for women. The models are the Globe Live 3, Live 3 Mixte, Live 2, and Live 2 Mixte.

The Globe 2011 Live 3 frame is constructed of A1 Premium Aluminum, and like all the Live bikes the 3 is fitted for commuting. Equipped with steel fenders, Globe portieur front rack and kickstand, the Live makes for a fun bike. Available in marina blue, retail is $1,450.

On to the womens side, which is known as the Globe Live 3 Mixte. It features the same frame material, but the frame is a step through. Fenders, racks and a kickstand are also included, plus a belt drive sprocket and chain. MSRP is $1,450, and comes in white.

For the more economically conscious commuter, the 2011 Glove Live 2 is the wiser choice, while the only…

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2011 Globe Haul City Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Globe Haul City Bike

2011 globe haul city bike   2011 Globe Haul City Bike

Globe reduces the models released in the Haul series to two for 2011, a standard model and a step through woman’s bike.

The 2011 Globe Haul changed little since last year, with the exception of the cargo deck. Last year Globe used wood and for 2011 a metal deck was applied. Globe said the change makes the 2011 Haul city bike cost effective, and more environmentally friendly. Of course metal is stronger than wood, allowing you to haul heavier items. As much as 110 lbs can be hauled on the cargo deck.

The standard Globe 2011 Haul is available in blue, while the Step Through comes in red and light blue. Retail price is $610.

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2011 Globe Roll 2, 1 Fixed Gear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Globe Roll 2, 1 Fixed Gear

2011 globe roll 2 1 fixed gear   2011 Globe Roll 2, 1 Fixed Gear

The Globe Roll 2 and 1 are back for 2011, and some small changes have been made to the line.

The 2011 Globe Roll fixed now has a custom drop out to match the front, and has an added washer at the rear, where only a front washer was found on its predecessor.

The Globe 2011 Roll 2 uses Reynolds 520 Cr-Mo frame, Cr-Mo fork, alloy riser bars, flip flop hub, and deep V 700c rims. Available in grey and orange, retail on it is $830.

Moving to the 2011 Globe Roll 1 which contains Cr-Mo frame and fork, flip flop hubs, riser bars, and deep V 700c rims. With more colors than the Globe 2, the 2011 Globe 1 comes in black, grey, teal, and white. MSRP is $550.

2011 Globe Roll
2011 Globe Roll 2

2011 Globe Roll 1

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2011 Globe Daily 3, 2, 1

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Globe Daily 3, 2, 1

2011 globe daily 3 2 1   2011 Globe Daily 3, 2, 1

Globe has put a lot of time and effort in its 2011 lineup, with one of the standout series being the Daily.

The 2011 Globe Daily bike is designed for daily commuting and comes in 3 models, (03, 02, and 01). Of the three models, a men’s bike and women’s bike (step through) is available.

All three of the Globe 2011 Daily city bikes are similar. For example, each use an alloy frame but have unique features that make them different.

Globe’s 2011 Daily 3 uses a low maintenance Shimano 7 speed internal hub, custom alloy crankset and brakes/levers, which adds for a retro feel, custom built in rear rack and chain guard.

The 2011 Globe Daily 2 has a 8 speed Shimano drivetrain, same custom crankset, brakes/levers, custom fenders and rear rack.

Last is the 2011 Daily 1, which is truly a city bike with its singlespeed drivetrain, custom front basket…

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Globe Haul 1 Cargo Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Globe Haul 1 Cargo Bike

globe haul 1 cargo bike   Globe Haul 1 Cargo Bike
If you’re looking for a new cargo bike with vintage appeal, take a peek at the Globe Haul 1. The Haul 1 is simple with few logos by design, allowing its riders the ability to add their own personal touch, much like the rest of Globe’s bicycles. The Globe A1 Premium Aluminum frame hosts an integrated Wood Deck rack for easy hauling, which is tested for 130lbs. The bike comes with a Shimano Alivio 8-speed Rear Derailleur system, an energy saver when you’re hauling additional weight or trekking it up hill. It also has integrated front and rear lights. Currently, the Globe Haul 1 is only available in Kalamata Green (I know, we’d like to see them in more colors too). You can get all of this and more for MSRP $660….

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Globe Roll Fixed Gear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Globe Roll Fixed Gear

Globe Roll 2   Globe Roll Fixed Gear

Specialized’s new brand of fixed gear bikes, Globe, is very new to the scene. Featured here is the Roll, which sports a Chromoly frame and fork, with clean design lines. It features straight, steel handlebars, connecting to a steel stem. This particular model, the Roll 2, comes in either Fjord Blue or Humbolt Green. The Roll 2 also features 700c super deep V rims with Specialized Mondo Sport tires. The flip-flop hub allows you to switch back and forth from freewheel to fixed wheel at your leisure. Brakes also come standard with the Roll. Another unique feature of this bike is the headbadge, which doubles as a frame so you can put any picture you like there to brand your bike as your own.

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