pinit fg en rect gray 20   Globe Roll Fixed Gear

Globe Roll 2   Globe Roll Fixed Gear

Specialized’s new brand of fixed gear bikes, Globe, is very new to the scene. Featured here is the Roll, which sports a Chromoly frame and fork, with clean design lines. It features straight, steel handlebars, connecting to a steel stem. This particular model, the Roll 2, comes in either Fjord Blue or Humbolt Green. The Roll 2 also features 700c super deep V rims with Specialized Mondo Sport tires. The flip-flop hub allows you to switch back and forth from freewheel to fixed wheel at your leisure. Brakes also come standard with the Roll. Another unique feature of this bike is the headbadge, which doubles as a frame so you can put any picture you like there to brand your bike as your own.

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