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Specialized Tarzo Road Optics

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Tarzo Road Optics

specialized tarzo road optics   Specialized Tarzo Road Optics

These Specialized Tarzo Road Optics do more than just protect your eyes – they look good too. They are available in both Adaptalite Photocromic NXT lenses, which adapt themselves to light conditions, or darkened NXT lenses. There are unique filters in the lenses that make the color red brighter for extra safety. They are lightweight and shatter-proof with the molded Grilimid frames. A molded megol nose piece and ear tabs help the Specialized Tarzo Road Optics sit comfortably on the face. The Specialized Tarzo Road Optics are available at the Specialized online store for $95 to $125….

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Ryders Flow Multi-Lens Eyewear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ryders Flow Multi Lens Eyewear

ryders flow multi lens eyewear   Ryders Flow Multi Lens Eyewear

Glasses are important to cyclists from all disciplines. No matter how they look, they should be accomplishing the goal of protecting your eyes from wind, debris, and what-not. The Ryders Flow Multi-Lens Eyewear are very minimalistic, which makes for a pretty light pair of glasses. They feature polycarbonate lenses that provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. They are made with Duraflex to keep them sturdy. The Ryders Flow Multi-Lens Eyewear also fit comfortably with rubber nose pads and temple tips. The Ryders Flow Multi-Lens Eyewear are available now for a sale price of $27.99 at Performance Bike….

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Endura Marlin Glasses

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Endura Marlin Glasses

endura marlin glasses   Endura Marlin Glasses

Road cyclists have to deal with a lot of different nuances while riding, with the bright sun being one of them. The Endura Marlin Glasses protect the eyes with their one piece photocromic lens. They are also super lightweight because the frame is rimless. Adding to the comfort level of the Endura Marlin Glasses are the rubber-touch temples and molded nose piece, which also helps to hold the glasses on while riding over bumps or other things. The Endura Marlin Glasses come complete with a hard carrying case as well as a soft wipe microfiber pouch. The Endura Marlin Glasses retail for $81.58, you can purchase them at Chain Reaction Cycles….

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