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Giro Ionos Helmets Lance Armstrong Edition

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Ionos Helmets Lance Armstrong Edition

giro ionos helmets lance edition 1 300x225   Giro Ionos Helmets Lance Armstrong EditionTwo additions were made to the Lance Armstrong Collection for The Giro Ionos Helmet. The new models come in matte red and titanium colorway and a matte yellow and black colorway with Lance Armstrong’s signature on the helmets.

They feature Giro’s new RocLoc 5 retention system which has a micro-adjusting dial which is easy to use. A simple twist of the dial opens the retention system of the helmet. It also has ergonomic arms to accommodate Giro eyewear, and a 15mm vertical bracket which you can adjust without removing your helmet.

Other features of Giro Ionos are retained like the In-Mold Composite frame, 21 air vents, X-Static helmet padding and super fit engineering. The two new helmets are available in small, medium and large sizes. The Giro Ionos Lance Edition helmets retails at £169.99.

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Giro Xar Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Xar Helmet

giro xar helmet   Giro Xar Helmet

Evolving from the Xen, Giro releases a new helmet, the Xar. Taking characteristics from the Xen and Hex, the Giro Xar Helmet features 17 wind tunnel designed vents, plus internal channels which steers the airflow and X-Static antimicrobial pads. Also added is the Roc Loc 5 retention system.

What did Giro have to say about the new Xar Helmet: “Just as riding styles and bikes have evolved, so must the helmet. The new Xar, inspired by the Xen, but designed to meet the performance needs of today’s progressive all- mountain rider.”

With over 2 years of perfecting and developing, the Roc Loc 5 is here. Roc Loc 5 will dial in fit tension and adjust vertical positioning with ease. All you have to do is twist the dial for a tight feel, and vice versa to loosen. Releasing February 2011, with a retail price of…

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Giro TT Lance Armstrong Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro TT Lance Armstrong Helmet

Giro recently made a time trial helmet especially for Lance Armstrong which he wore on the 2010 Tour de France prologue. Named “LAX”, the TT helmet works to give Armstrong two to three second-advantage over his rivals.

One can say that the helmet proved to be an advantage since Armstrong finished fourth on the event. However, it is unlikely that Giro will create the “LAX” for commercial use since the helmet basically works for Armstrong because it was designed specifically for him.

Giro shared that it took several months to conceptualize and actualize the helmet’s design. This was also due to the fact that Armstrong was literally hard to get hold of because of his busy schedule. The only way to get around this challenge was to create a replica of the cyclist which cost $15,000.00. The testing of the helmet was done on this model of Armstrong.

Chris Bullock tells…

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Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet

giro advantage 2 bike helmet   Giro Advantage 2 Bike HelmetIf you own a two-wheel land vehicle, most probably, you own a helmet. A helmet is intended to be worn when you are on the road riding a motorcycle or a bicycle so as to protect you from impacts to the skull in case you fall, thereby minimizing the dangers that might result. But when you do casual biking, do you think you still need to wear one? Absolutely, yes. If you find it an uninteresting stuff, find a helmet that makes you feel that you are not wearing a helmet at all like Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet.

Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet is one of the images of power and performance as it is known for its aerodynamic performance, fit and ventilation. Using the In-mold technology that bonds the helmet’s tough outer micro shell to the impact-absorbing expanded polystyrene liner, this makes it possible to create a light, cool…

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Giro The Rift Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro The Rift Helmet

the rift by giro   Giro The Rift HelmetSafety is necessity so you have to choose helmets like The Rift made by Giro in order to keep your head safe from potential accidents. With this, it is important for you to know how this helmet can keep you from head injuries on intense cycling activities.

Since it is made by Giro, you are assured that it is infused with different technologies working together to give you maximum comfort and safety. This has the in-mold technology that makes it possible for you to have a lighter helmet because this technology has merged the outer shell of the helmet with the shockproof material inside.

Aside from this, The Rift has the Acu Dial fit system as well as the Universal Fit that makes it a comfortable wear for everyone. In addition, to add for the comfort, it has 24 vents that will make sure that you…

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Giro Zero Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Zero Gloves

giro zero gloves   Giro Zero Gloves

Giro comes out with a new glove called the Zero. It is a pro-level glove designed for riders who are looking for a well-ventilated glove that gives great handling of the bar when used.

The glove is made of supple micro-vented lather palm. It has a breathable upper to give a form fitting feel. Once worn, the glove seems to become much like a second skin.

Giro used their Super Fit technology to design the glove in a manner that optimizes comfort and performance. With this technology, you won’t feel the gloves bunch up each time you grip the handle bars.

For the leather used on the glove, Giro features the Pittards WR100X. The leather is made from hairsheep, the Cabretta, and it was precisely chosen for its fine but sturdy texture. It underwent a special tanning process to make the leather water-resistant and will resist sweat better than most other leather and…

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Giro Tone Sunglasses

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Tone Sunglasses

giro tone sunglasses   Giro Tone Sunglasses

World renowned brand Giro recently came out with a new line of sunglasses called Tone. They are aptly named that since the eyewear sets the tone for any occasion when worn. Made to last, the sunglasses are made with strong Italian frames that are both lightweight and durable with injection molded Grilamid® and stainless steel hinges. Giro delivers superior performance eyewear and maximum protection with Tone.

The large lens can provide you a wide expanse of your surroundings. They are also made of 8-Base Zeiss certified with True Sight™ Technology. It has UVA, UVB and UVC filters for your eye protection. The sunglasses are prescription ready so you can also have them fit to match your vision needs.

Comfortable, stylish and durable, the Tone is an asset you can bring around for urban bicycling or dirt jumping, as well as socializing.

You can choose from five different styles with prices ranging from $90…

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