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2011 Giro DND Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Giro DND Gloves

2011 giro dnd gloves   2011 Giro DND Gloves

Affordable thin gloves, the 2011 Giro DND is great for all-around riding with its great comfort, fitting, and look. This lightweight full-finger glove provides control through the bars. DND is nothing but a simple durable glove for everyday riding with an excellent fit.

Designed with a three-piece Clarino palm, this minimalist glove is very comfortable on the bike by eliminating the nasty bunching up that can take place while riding. During hot days, the lightweight upper keeps the rider’s hands cool.

Adding to the excellent comfort and fitting is the elasticated cuff, which is not as adjustable as the Velcro but does not easily wear out. All seams of the 2011 Giro DND Gloves are double-stitched and they can be machine-washed….

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2011 Giro Code Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Giro Code Shoes

2011 giro code shoes   2011 Giro Code Shoes

Trail bikes and cyclocross racers looking for shoes that deliver maximum performance and durability should look no further as the 2011 Giro Code Shoes deliver this and more.

This year’s Code shoes from renowned company Giro offers riders the chance to take on the wild outdoors in a pair of shoes that is both lightweight and at the same time tough enough to withstand almost anything outdoors.

The shoe’s upper is made up of Teijin microfibers that help shape your foot and also sports scuff guards that reinforce the strength of the shoe uppers.

The new Giro Code also features a footbed dubbed by the apparel maker as the SuperNatural footbed, which also has added arch inserts to help the efficiency of the shoe’s arch support.

Its sole is made of the Easton EC90 unidirectional carbon sole , which also provides an unprecedented level of stiffness to help accommodate the transfer…

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2011 Giro Xar Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Giro Xar Helmet

2011 giro xar helmet   2011 Giro Xar Helmet

The Xar is practically the combination of all helmet models from Giro. It offers excellent ventilation, maximum protection and comfort, which is most suitable for all-mountain, marathon XC and Super D. The Xar is carefully crafted with ergonomic side arms, perfectly designed to provide more comfort and flawlessness when wearing sunglasses.

The 2011 Giro Xar helmet features a new system from Giro called the donapasvane Roc Loc 5 system. This new system provides a completely new whole unparalleled level experience of comfort, stability, adaptability and low eight for riders. With Roc Loc 5, adjusting the tightness of the helmet in two directions, using one hand going vertical or horizontal, is easy. Simply turn the small round disk from the back of the helmet to tighten it in rough terrain or to loosen it up in warmer weather. Regulating the helmet in a vertical direction is simple because of its clamp located…

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Giro Sheer Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Sheer Helmet

giro sheer   Giro Sheer Helmet For the woman who wants great performance and style, Giro has come up with what they’re calling the most technically advanced snow helmet made yet. The Giro Sheer helmet boasts of plush detailing, an amazing fit and being extremely lightweight. What sets it apart is its “In Form Fit” engineered technology that provides the most comfortable and accurate fit in a matter of seconds. Along with the dial at the base of the helmet that lets you adjust tightness to your own comfort and the vertical tuning feature, you can even fit any goggles and head shape with relative ease.
The Thermostat Control feature allows for temperature adjustment to make sure you’re always feeling fresh. Super cool vents make for great circulation and cooling effect by drawing stale air out and pulling cool air in. Its Stack Vents, meanwhile, guarantee to…

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Paul Smith Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Paul Smith Helmets

paul smith helmets   Paul Smith Helmets

Giro helmets gets fashionably hip with new designs by Paul Smith. The fashion designer’s love for cycling goes a long way back and with his collaboration with Giro, Smith shows off three helmets bearing his signature.

Smith explains further, “With cycling becoming ever more popular especially in cities, making a bike helmet which we feel good in is quite difficult. I think the shape of these helmets is really great and the matt finishes are really good. Apart from offering them in plain colors I have also added some colorful designs to them which I hope add more fun to something which could save your life.”

The Giro helmets have an in-mold construction in a basic hard shell shape. There are three designs featured by Smith. These are crayon-like stripes, animal faces and abstract. Retail price for the Paul Smith helmet is $95.

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2011 Giro Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Giro Shoes

2011 giro shoes 1 300x119   2011 Giro Shoes2011 brings Giro at the forefront with its Performance Shoe Line. It took Giro two years to develop the line and will be available in January 2011. Composed of 7 models, the new footwear was designed for road and mountain biking. It uses high modulus carbon soles and composite soles. The models feature custom fasteners, X-static material and Teijin uppers.

The 2011 Giro shoes feature the SuperNatural Fit Footbed kit. The kit has different inserts you can choose from to give you proper arch support on whichever shoe you’re wearing. Sold as an aftersales product, the SuperNatural Fit Footbed is made specific for cycling shoes. No tools are needed to enhance the total fit of your foot and cycling shoe.

The Road models are the Prolight SLX, Trans and the Factor. The Prolight SLX uses the EC90 SLX outsole and has titanium thread inserts. It has 3 velcro straps and…

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2011 Giro Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Giro Helmets

2011 giro helmets   2011 Giro Helmets

2011 seems to be a great year for Giro, first they debut the Xar Helmet, but a new retention system called Roc Loc 5 will appear on the 2011 models.

Comparing the Roc Loc 5 to the previous retention device, the Roc Loc 5 is 40% lighter. More importantly, you can adjust the system with one hand, plus better vertical adjustment. Tested well over 6,000 cyclists in the Giro lab, and the verdict was the system is more durable. Six different road and mountain bike helmets will release in 2011 from Giro, which will use the Roc Loc 5.

The 2011 Giro road helmets are the Ionos, Atmos, Advantage 2, and Saros. 2011 Giro mountain helmets include the Xar, Athlon, and Hex.

First off we have Giro flagship helmet, the Ionos, which retails for $235. 2011 Ionos is the lightest (due to the Roc Loc 5) and…

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