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2012 Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

2012 giro hex mountain bike helmet   2012 Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

Giro has a new helmet for 2012 called Hex, which is designed for cyclists who are fond of aggressive trail riding. This helmet offers a superior combination of versatility and well-built progressive style. It uses Point Of View (POV) visor, which comes with 15 degrees of tool-free and on-the-fly vertical adjustment.

A sturdy polycarbonate outer shell is combined with the impact-absorbing foam liner of the Hex through in-mold construction. Through this process, ventilation system is enhanced and the helmet is made cooler and lighter as compared to conventional helmets.

Packed with first-rate features yet reasonably priced, the 2012 Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet is an excellent choice for rugged all-mountain, MTB endurance or marathon, and MTB trail rides with Roc Loc 5 fit system offering unrivaled adjustability, stability, weight savings, and level of comfort.

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2012 Giro Remedy Mountain Bike Helmet

2012 giro remedy mountain bike helmet   2012 Giro Remedy Mountain Bike Helmet

One of the superior mountain bike helmets for 2012 is the Remedy from Giro. Like its big brother Remedy CF, the Remedy gives excellent ventilation, protection, and attention to detail while its price is very affordable. Its unrivaled graphics makes a good choice for top riders in the world.

Major features of this helmet include washable interior lining, replacement cheek pads, and optimized Super Fit goggle port. Giving the helmet state-of-the-art quality are its fiberglass shell construction with EVA-lined chinbar and Wind Tunnel ventilation that features internal channeling and 14 vents.

Tackled well by the 2012 Giro Remedy Mountain Bike Helmet is anything in the gravity sphere, such as freeride, all-mountain, as well as MTB DH and MTB Slalom/4X races. What makes the helmet so comfortable is its super fit engineering and Skull Hugging Luxury.

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2012 Giro Selector Time Trial Helmet

2012 giro selector time trial helmet   2012 Giro Selector Time Trial Helmet

A new time trial helmet called Selector has been released by Giro for 2012. Coming with two aerodynamic lowers, the Selector allows riders to choose between different depths for the bottom section at the back, which are 10mm and 45mm.

Between the helmet and the back of the rider, there is no drag-causing gap. Drag is prevented since there are no front vents in the shell of the helmet. However, at the top of the removable visor, the little vents go straight to some deep channels in the body of the helmet.

In turn, the deep channels remove the air to wear out ports at the back, providing a steady flow of air over the rider’s head. Being one of the fastest production aero helmets on the market today, the 2012 Giro Selector Time Trial Helmet comes at a quite expensive price tags.

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2012 Giro Solara and Sante Cycling Shoes for Women

2012 giro solara and sante cycling shoes for women   2012 Giro Solara and Sante Cycling Shoes for Women

Two of the new models from Giro’s 2012 shoe lineup will have female-specific versions- the Solara is for the Apeckx while the Sante is for the Treble. Designed to offer topnotch fit, styling, and performance, the Solara is a beautiful and affordable race ready shoe.

The upper material of these cycling women shoes are excellent, which is full high quality microfiber for the Solara and sturdy synthetic for the Sante. While the Solara has well-built integrated ratchet buckle with an offset middle D-ring to prevent pressure points, the Sante features a classic three-strap design and patterning.

Though reasonably priced, both the 2012 Giro Solara and Sante Cycling Shoes for Women guarantee state-of-the-art quality that female riders require. With a topnotch fit and features, these shoes are very eye-catching and reliable. Both shoes feature Aegis single density footbed and optimized nylon outsole.

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2012 Giro Factress Road Shoe for Women

2012 giro factress road shoe for women   2012 Giro Factress Road Shoe for Women

For women riders who are looking for the most fashionable cycling shoes, the best item can be the new road shoe called Factress, which is released by Giro for 2012. As the female version of Giro’s Factor shoe, the Factress also features Easton EC90 carbon fiber soles.

Moreover, the Factress comes with a safe and strong integrated ratchet buckle closure and Super Natural X-Static adjustable footbed kit for the insole, which is available in three different arch supports. What makes the Factress different from the Factor is its fit designed for women’s narrower heels.

Very stylish, the 2012 Giro Factress Road Shoe for Women can be as successful as its male counterpart, Factor, and another female cycling shoe from Giro, Espada. It also features agile and sturdy Teijin Samo microfiber in the upper construction and offset middle D-ring to avoid pressure points.

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2011 Giro Selector Aero Helmet

2011 giro selector aero helmet   2011 Giro Selector Aero Helmet

A new aero helmet called the Selector from Giro has been launched for 2011. Along with an integrated visor are two different replaceable tail sections, which are the cutaway section and the full length one. In-mold process is used to manufacture this CEN and CPSC certified helmet.

Featured by the Selector are a reinforced cage built into the EPS foam and the TT version of Giro’s minimal Roc Loc 5 dial adjustment system. To get rid of bad odor, the helmet is built with antimicrobial, silver-fiber X-static paddling. The helmet is proven to lessen drag and save time.

Ideal for time trial and triathlon, the 2011 Giro Selector Aero Helmet is crafted with a tailored approach to aerodynamics. A maximum of 15mm up-and-down adjustment is achieved by the low-profile, three-position vertical fit tab of the RocLoc5 retention system.

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2011 Giro Prolight SLX Ultralight Shoes

2011 giro prolight slx ultra light shoes   2011 Giro Prolight SLX Ultralight Shoes

New this 2011 is the Giro Prolight SLX Ultralight Shoes. Compared to most standard shoes, these road cycling shoes give a significant weight savings. Its 6.5mm high-modulus Easton® EC90 SLX outsole maximizes power transfer.

According to Giro, the Prolight SLX is a lightweight shoe that redefines fit, feel and power-to-weight performance. Along with an ultralight EVA footbed, added to the shoes are a SuperNatural Fit Kit footbed with adjustable arch support.

Such a design allows the riders to customize the fit. For optimal comfort, the 2011 Giro Prolight SLX Ultralight Shoes feature a first-rate Teijin microfiber upper that shapes to the rider’s foot like a second skin.

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