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James Straffon x Rapha Grand Tour Shoe

james straffon x rapha grand tour shoe   James Straffon x Rapha Grand Tour Shoe

Artist James Straffon’s work can be viewed on these Rapha Grand Tour shoes. This piece of his was inspired by rare cycling memorabilia.

A detailed look at the shoes reveal imagery of the first ‘Grand Départ’, dating back over 100 years ago. Maurice Garin makes an appearance on the shoes, too, among other unforgettable cycling times.

The shoes themselves, a Rapha x Giro collab is Rapha’s first venture into the cycling footwear market. Comes in black or white and retails at $450.

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Rapha x Giro Grand Tour Shoes

rapha x giro grand tour shoes   Rapha x Giro Grand Tour Shoes

Rapha and Giro collab to deliver their Grand Touring Shoes, a cycling shoe with superb qualities.

Only the best went into making these shoes. With uppers made of Yak leather, Easton EC90 carbon soles and a machined aluminum buckle with a Rapah logo etching to name a few, the Rapha x Giro Grand Tour Shoes aim to wow. Light in weight, breathability and comfort that increases with ever use are qualities the shoe lives by.

Available April 10, 2012, in a choice of black or white, the cycling shoes will retail for $450.

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2012 Giro Monza Road Helmet

2012 giro monza road helmet   2012 Giro Monza Road Helmet
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New from Giro for 2012 is a race-inspired helmet called Monza. This road helmet effectively combines strength, toughness, and protection, thanks to its two piece in-molded hard body. To maximize stability and adjustment, the helmet features a RocLoc 5 custom fit design.

Weighing in at only 256g, the Monza is very lightweight and comfortable. The wearer will definitely enjoy maximum cooling, which is offered by the helmet’s 24-deep sculpted Wind Tunnel vents. Its comfortable Coolmax pads can be removed for washing.

For racers and club riders, the 2012 Giro Monza Road Helmet is a perfect choice. This is also ideal for riders who demand style. With its silky and stylish design and color schemes, this helmet will go well with any bike.

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2012 Giro Apeckx Road Bike Cycling Shoes

2012 giro apeckx road bike cycling shoes   2012 Giro Apeckx Road Bike Cycling Shoes

With a perfect combination of great value, performance, and classic style, the 2012 Giro Apeckx Road Bike Cycling Shoes is one of the best modern footwear for riders. Featuring high quality, its upper features a breathable microfiber with a strong and secure ratcheting buckle closure.

Its flexible microfiber upper is combined with the DuPont Zytel nylon outsole, which is the stiffest in its class. With higher fatigue resistance than customary nylon soles, the outsole is constructed to equal, if not exceed, the performance of first-class composite outsoles.

For maximum comfort and fit, Giro designed the Apeckx with a supportive EVA footbed that comes with Aegis anti-microbial treatment. The classic combination of two straps and a micro-ratcheting buckle allows for adjustability. This road bike shoe weighs in at 285g.

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2012 Giro Reverb Commuter Helmet

2012 giro reverb commuter helmet   2012 Giro Reverb Commuter Helmet

Giro has released one of the most exciting commuter helmets for 2012 called Reverb. It was the intention of Giro not to make the helmet flashy by not packing it with so many features. Instead, the Reverb is designed to be an understated and well-functioning helmet.

Reverb is quite different from classic helmet peaks with its removable fabric peak, which is such a clever feature. The removable fabric peak is positioned inside the rim of the helmet with Velcro tabs holding it in position. Its brim is similar to that of a traditional-style cycle cap and is removable for washing.

While it looks like the rider is wearing a cap under the helmet, it shades the eyes and keeps the rain away without the added mass. Simple but cleverly designed, the 2012 Giro Reverb Commuter Helmet is a must-have helmet for all riders who want a helmet that simply…

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2012 Giro Aeon Road Helmet

2012 giro aeon road helmet   2012 Giro Aeon Road Helmet

One of the most eye-catching road helmets for 2012 is the Aeon from Giro, especially its super-bright yellow version. This new high-end racing bike helmet provides riders with maximum ventilation. While it offers minimal weight, comfort and fit are not compromised.

Applying various technologies, the makers of the Aeon were able to make it competitive enough to meet the strict performance standards. By establishing the shock-absorbing structure both inside and outside, the contact surface of the helmet with the head is reduced while allowing for more air volume.

Through a AEON SL Thermoformed Roll Cage, the helmet only weighs 190g. Great stability is maintained while internal reinforcement is made 49% lighter than usual composite reinforcements. For riders who enjoy catching attention in a race, wearing a 2012 Giro Aeon Road Helmet is one great way to do so.

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2012 Giro Ambient Winter Gloves

2012 giro ambient winter gloves   2012 Giro Ambient Winter Gloves

Giro has created a top quality winter glove called Ambient. Super Fit engineered, the fingers, palm, and padding zones of the gloves are carefully tailored to conform to the shape and size of the hand. The structure of the gloves is highly flexible and sturdy, thanks to its Clarino synthetic leather.

Aside from improving grip, bar feel, and padding efficiency, these winter gloves considerably lessen discomfort and bunching. As a resistance against chilly winter, the three-layer soft shell upper of the gloves is created with water- and wind-resistant membrane.

By using a Super Fit design process, the 2012 Giro Ambient Winter Gloves are optimized for better performance and comfort. Its major features include reflective detailing, injected rubber pull tab, and a very absorbent microfiber wiping surface.

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