pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Ionos

giro ionos   Giro Ionos

The Giro Ionos is designed with the use of Giro’s In-mold Technology that fuses the liner with a microshell to create something that looks like an exo-skeleton, resulting in a safer, more durable and lighter helmet.

Then, to make this helmet stand out, Giro made its exo-skeleton with a subframe, creating something that reinforces the helmet’s ribs and ventilation for added impact dispersion and structural support for the wearer of this helmet.

To keep the Ionos in place, Giro used their Roc Loc 4® fit system. The ventilation of this helmet is not a problem since it has 21 vents and a system of ventilation channels called the Wind Tunnel, all throughout the entire helmet, making the Ionos one of the best well-ventilated helmet ever created.

These channels move fresh air around and over its users head with the help of the exhaust ports, mitigating the amount of heat…

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