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2012 Giant Rapid 3 Road Bike

2012 giant rapid 3 road bike   2012 Giant Rapid 3 Road Bike

Perfect for those who are aiming for a hassle-free commute and enhance fitness ride is the road bike called Rapid 3, which has been upgraded by Giant Bicycles for 2012. Its stretched out flat bar geometry and high-class ALUXX SL aluminum tubing offers reliable durability and comfort.

By combining road racer efficiency and tuned ride comfort, the Rapid 3 guarantees an unparalleled performance on the road. Included in the major upgrades of this road bike are the Shimano Sora 24 speed shifting and the lighter Giant CR Sport Road rim.

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Very attractive and versatile, the 2012 Giant Rapid 3 Road Bike is the bike that riders will surely love to ride every single day. As the name implies, the Rapid 3, which will be available in five sizes, guarantees a smooth and fast ride on the road.

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2012 Giant Escape RX 2 Road Bike

2012 giant escape rx 2 road bike   2012 Giant Escape RX 2 Road Bike

For those who are fond of sporty road travel, one of the best road machines available on the market today is the Escape RX 2. Released by Giant Bicycles for 2012, the Escape RX 2 is the road bike that can turn an ordinary ride into an exciting adventure.

Aside from its lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame, the Escape RX 2 also features a wide variety of gearing, making it a certified urban expert. Other state-of-the-art features include Maxxis Columbiere anti puncture tires and a Shimano transmission.

With the 2012 Giant Escape RX 2 Road Bike, pedaling and exploring are definitely fun. This is the ideal road bike for riders who are looking for a sporty, speedy, and comfy bike that can tackle cross town commutes with an amazing performance. purchase office 2010 standard

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2012 Giant Escape 2 Road Bike for Women

2012 giant escape 2 road bike for women   2012 Giant Escape 2 Road Bike for Women

One of the top-quality road bikes released by Giant Bicycles for women riders for 2012 is the Escape 2. As the name implies, this road bike is perfect for female riders who aim for more speed and toughness, which are exactly what its features can offer.

With a broad range of gears and several female-specific components, the Escape 2 is ideal for fitness rides, cruising, and commuting. Its lightweight AluxX aluminum frame and fork are perfectly matched with 700c wheels, which are incredibly fast-rolling and puncture-resistant.

Carefully crafted for female riders, the 2012 Giant Escape 2 Road Bike for Women guarantees a quick, smooth, and comfortable ride. Dealing with the urban terrain is a breeze for female riders, thanks to the Escape 2’s 24-speed drivetrain.

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2012 Giant Defy Composite 1 Road Bike

2012 giant defy composite 1 road bike   2012 Giant Defy Composite 1 Road Bike

A brand new road bike for 2012 called Defy Composite 1 has been introduced by Giant Bicycles. This road bike is built from a very lightweight composite frameset, which offers an excellent endurance-oriented geometry and a fun and hassle-free ride.

In terms of performance technologies, the Defy Composite 1 has a lot to pride itself on. These high-tech features include the OverDrive headtube and PowerCore bottom bracket, which guarantee precise handling and maximum efficiency.
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Endurance positioning is optimized by a taller headtube and longer wheelbase of the 2012 Giant Defy Composite 1 Road Bike. This makes this road bike perfect for endurance riders who aim to go longer, sprint harder, and climb faster.

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2012 Giant Avail 5 Road Bike for Women

2012 giant avail 5 road bike for women   2012 Giant Avail 5 Road Bike for Women
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One of the new road bikes for women riders is the Avail 5 released by Giant Bicycles for 2012. Female endurance riders will definitely love the major features of this road bike, such as its 8-speed Shimano shifting, as well as the Giant Sport alloy stem, handlebars and seatpost.

Designed particularly for women riders, the Avail 5 is built from a durable AluxX SL grade aluminium frame. Featured by this frame is a unique OverDrive headtube, which was made a little taller to optimize endurance positioning and oversized to enhance handling.

With its uniquely designed high-quality frame, the 2012 Giant Avail 5 Road Bike for Women guarantees a light, comfortable, and fast ride. Other highlights of this women bike include Giant hubs with stainless spokes. The bike will be available in four sizes and three color options.

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2012 Giant Trance X2 Mountain Bike

2012 giant trance x 2 mountain bike   2012 Giant Trance X2 Mountain Bike

For 2012, Giant Bicycles has unveiled its very popular mountain bike called Trance X2. What gives the Trance X2 its award-winning performance is its state-of-the-art ALUXX SL aluminum frame. This radically shaped frame is loaded with features that make it unique and highly reliable.

Aside from its trail-tuned geometry and Shimano SLX/Deore XT componentry, the frame of the Trance X2 also features a PowerCore bottom bracket that makes pedaling efficiency stiffer and an a oversized OverDrive2 headtube that offers precise steering.

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Taking pride in its list of several excellent features, the 2012 Giant Trance X2 Mountain Bike is one of the favorite companions of trail riders. With the 5in of plush, co-pivot Maestro Suspension of the Trance X2, steep climbs and technical descents are a breeze.

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2012 Giant Revel 0 Mountain Bike

2012 giant revel 0 mountain bike   2012 Giant Revel 0 Mountain Bike

For 2012, Giant Bicycles offers a dedicated aluminum bike called Revel 0, which is perfect for off-road racing. This mountain bike combines maximum comfort with ruggedness with its carefully selected parts, such as its SR Suntour XCM V3 80mm travel suspension fork that comes with a hydraulic lockout.

To tackle all the requirements of the lifestyle off-roader, the Revel is provided with high-quality trail-specific components. The lively qualities of cross-country riding are offered by its optimized geometry and quick handling, making it a dependable companion for trail riders.
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Featuring a lightweight ALUXX frameset, the 2012 Giant Revel 0 Mountain Bike perfectly tackles the specific geometry requirements of 26in wheels. The frame of this entry-level mountain bike offers an excellent combination of increased comfort with less weight and a low price.

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