pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gianni Da Ros Gets 20 Year Doping Ban

gianni da ros gets 20 year doping ban   Gianni Da Ros Gets 20 Year Doping Ban

23-year-old Gianni Da Ros, who previously rode for Liquigas, has been given a 20-year ban by Italy’s National Anti-doping Tribunal. This record ban comes as a result of trafficking doping substances. Da Ros was arrested in March in the city of Padua. He’s just one of 12 people who have been arrested as the result of an investigation ordered by Milan’s state prosecutor. Amateur racers, physios, gym staff, and traders have all been detained in a doping bust that included 64 searches all across the country. The bust was initiated 18 months after a report on TV was shown, titled Muscles and Doping, which showed how athletes could get doping substances from traders.

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