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2011 Ghost Bikes AMR Series

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ghost Bikes AMR Series

2011 ghost bikes amr series   2011 Ghost Bikes AMR Series

The flagship for Ghost Bikes’ all-mountain this 2011 is the AMR Series. Featuring 120mm travel, it now comes in two frame choices: alloy or the Actinum and carbon or the Lector. Its latest offer is noticeable when the bikes are ridden because of the 600g difference between the two frames. All models are fitted with Fox 32 FIT RL fork and RP23 Boost Valve shock except for the AMR 5700.

Under the Lector range is the Lector 8700, Lector 9500 and the Lector 7700. Carbon fiber seat and chainstays can be found on the 8700 and 9500. The 8700 comes with a 10 speed XT groupset while the 9500 has a full XTR groupset. The 7700 possesses a carbon fiber front with an alloy rear end and XT groupset.

The Actinum range has the AMR 7500, AMR 5900 and the AMR 5700. The 7500 follows the same specs as those…

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NYC Ghost Bikes Under Attack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   NYC Ghost Bikes Under Attack

nyc ghost bikes under attack 300x213   NYC Ghost Bikes Under Attack

The Sanitation Department in New York City forwarded a proposal to remove all “ghost bikes” attached to street signs. They stood as a memorial to cyclists killed by cars but with the drafting of the new city plan, they just might be voted to be cleared away.

The victims’ families and friends were devastated upon learning the news. The proposed removal of the ghost bikes also includes bikes that have been abandoned by owners as well as junk bicycles. The inclusion of the junk bikes was spurred by complaints of neighbors as reported by the head of the agency’s cleaning unit, Michael Bellew.

There will be a public hearing on the bike proposal on July 20th at 125 Worth St., Room 819, from 9:30am to 11:30am. Should the proposal pass, implementation will begin in September. Warning stickers will be posted on the bikes to give the owners ample time to rescue the…

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