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2012 Garmin Vector Pedal Based Power Meter

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Garmin Vector Pedal Based Power Meter

2012 garmin vector pedal based power meter   2012 Garmin Vector Pedal Based Power Meter

Garmin, an expert in GPS computers, has unveiled its new pedal based power meter for 2012 called Vector. This new power meter is created to work with the Edge 500and Edge 800 cycle computers from Garmin. Suitable for Look Keo pedals, the Vector can be swapped between bikes easily.

The Vector system has a four-sided range of strain gauges mounted inside the pedal spindle that supplies data to an external transmitter. In turn, the supplied data is sent by the ANT+ protocol to a head unit. To calculate power, the deflection of the pedals throughout the full pedal stroke is measured.

This means that the total power to the pedals can be obtained. Moreover, any imbalance in the pedal stroke can be detected. Being not ANT+ compatible, the 2012 Garmin Vector Pedal Based Power Meter has more advantages than other power meters.

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Garmin Edge 800

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Garmin Edge 800

garmin edge 800 204x300   Garmin Edge 800The Edge 800 is the latest model from Garmin which combines all the best from its Edge 500 and Edge 705 models. It has a touchscreen interface and is smaller than previous models. It has a display of 2.6″ and has sleek lines. It also has GPS based features and new mapping options. This includes BaseCamp Route planning and BirdsEye Satellite imagery.

The Garmin Edge 800 allows you to plan and preview routes. It even has the option for viewing elevation changes. Connectivity for the unit is through ANT+ technology. This also accounts for wireless sync with other third party power meters.

Garmin Connect is also a bonus feature which lets you connect with other Garmin users around the globe. More so, the Edge 800 functions to track speed, distance, time, elevation, GPS position, climb, descent and calories burned.

The Garmin Edge 800 retails for $450. With the Performance and…

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Garmin Edge 705 GPS

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Garmin Edge 705 GPS

garmin edge 705 gps   Garmin Edge 705 GPSCycling makes traveling more adventurous especially when you go for long rides. It allows you to see new places and breathe fresher air. However when you ride long there are times that you might get lost especially during MTB crossroad race where you have to pass several stations. Yet you should put  your worries aside if you have Garmin Edge 705 GPS w/ Heart Rate/Cadence/Data Card & Street Maps.

With heart rate, cadence, turn-by-turn directions and power data, the Garmin Edge 705 GPS-enabled cycle computer knows no limits!

With built-in basemap, Garmin Edge 705 will guide you to your destination while the microSD card slot lets you add maps and store workouts, courses and saved rides. The  Plug in the detailed MapSource City Navigator street maps on a preloaded data card and get turn-by-turn directions on a sunlight-readable, color display as you pedal (add optional topographic mapping for your off-road adventures).

There is…

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Garmin Edge 500

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Garmin Edge 500

garmin edge 500   Garmin Edge 500

The newest from Garmin technology is the mini version of their 605/705 line. The Garmin Edge 500 is built to be a cyclist’s companion in every way.

The Edge 500 is a portable computer that aims to sharpen your performance in cycling. The device records your distance, speed, location and elevation. It has an ultra-sensitive GPS receiver that allows you to acquire GPS signal anywhere you go. Garmin removed the mapping facility but retained other functions like heart rate tracking, calories burned, cadence sensor and tracking your altitude and descent.

Ride analysis is also another feature wherein you can compare past rides with new ones. You may see your data logs which can be helpful on your training. With Garmin Connect, you can also access other riders’ statistics online and see how you fare against other riders worldwide.

You can easily mount the Edge 500 on the handlebars of your bike. Batteries are…

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