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Team Garmin-Slipstream Adds New Sponsor for 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team Garmin Slipstream Adds New Sponsor for 2010

team garmin slipstream adds new sponsor for 2010   Team Garmin Slipstream Adds New Sponsor for 2010

Team Garmin-Slipstream will ride under the name Garmin-Transitions, as eyewear company Transitions Optical has hopped on board as a new team sponsor. The team’s riders will wear Transitions eyewear during races and training; “Our riders are constantly going through different lighting conditions while training and racing. If we can increase visual acuity and reduce visual fatigue, that gives us a big advantage on the road. Like the team, Transitions is driven by innovation and a commitment to excellence. We are thrilled to work with them,” says Johnathan Vaughters, CEO of Slipstream Sports. Transitions president Brett Craig says “the riders of this team have set the standard for ethical competition while racing and training with the best technology available. As we looked to replicate the success of our PGA relationship in North America with a similar relationship in Europe; cycling, and specifically Team Garmin, was the perfect…

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Garmin Extends Garmin-Slipstream Sponsorship for 3 Years

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Garmin Extends Garmin Slipstream Sponsorship for 3 Years

garmin extends garmin slipstream sponsorship 3 years   Garmin Extends Garmin Slipstream Sponsorship for 3 Years

Today Garmin has announced they are extending their sponsorship of Garmin-Slipstream for 3 years, or through 2013. Jonathan Vaughters, team manager has said the extended sponsorship will help the team reach long term goals. In 2009, Team Garmin-Slipstream grabbed 29 wins, including 3 in Tour of Spain, and additional success in the Tour de France. Overall, company Garmin has been satisfied with the cyclists, giving their products much exposure….

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