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Gargoyles The Cardinal Cycling Sunglasses Review

gargoyles the cardinal cycling sunglasses review 1   Gargoyles The Cardinal Cycling Sunglasses Review
In the movie Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was the ANSI Classics by Gargoyles that added mystery behind Schwarzenegger’s immortal roll in the film. Today, the eye wear maker continues to style all of its glasses with notable character, including its sports line.

The Cardinal Cycling Sunglasses are a prime example of Gargoyles’ ability to keep up with the times, making the brand a prominent contender in its industry. Its modestly curved design allows for use on and off the saddle.

The Signature Green lenses are satisfying to the eyes against bright outdoor settings, to say the least. Its lens technology does well at vetoing any refraction or distortion, aiding its active users in their mission to achieve optimum clarity when it counts most.

Pleasingly contrasted against its Black accommodating frame, the Cardinal’s lenses are literally bullet proof, enough to withstand a .22 caliber bullet at 20 feet. Its…

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Gargoyles The Cardinal Cycling Sunglasses

gargoyles cardinal cycling sunglasses   Gargoyles The Cardinal Cycling Sunglasses

The Gargoyles The Cardinal Cycling Sunglasses combines top-tier performance and features in a price package that’s difficult to match. Toric Curve Lens allows light to transmit directly to the eye. No refraction, no distortion. Precision-molded and hand-finished, the design provides 210° of seamless wraparound protection, plenty of room considering our own peripheral vision is only 180°.

The Cardinal also incorporates Gargoyles’ Ballistic Defense technology into their lenses, making them 5-6 times more impact resistant than regular polycarbonate lenses. Developed from a superior blend of polymers by Carl Zeiss Vision®, the Gargoyles Ballistic Defense lenses are designed for military, safety and sport applications and exceed all ISO and ANSI test standards, as well as the MIL-STD 622 ballistic test, which consists of stopping a .22 caliber bullet at 20 feet.

Adjustable, nose pads with a stainless steel core help to create a custom fit, making the Cardinal a great…

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