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Gaerne 2011 G.Keira Plus MTB Shoe

gaerne 2011 g keira plus mtb shoe   Gaerne 2011 G.Keira Plus MTB Shoe

After taking a look at Gaerne’s 2011 Triathlon and Road shoes, we have learned the new 2011 Gaerne G.Keira Plus, a mountain biking shoe, is available for pre-order.

The sole on the Gaerne 2011 G.Keira Plus is composed of carbon, which is light and stiff, plus the tread used battles against wear and abrasions. Adding two removable front studs improves traction, A.I.C.S also known as Adjustable Instep Adapts making sure constant support is present, and is made with high strength PU across the foot.

Retail price is $449.99, and available in black with red and white.

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2011 Gaerne Carbon G.Mythos Plus Cycling Shoes

2011 gaerne carbon g mythos plus cycling shoes   2011 Gaerne Carbon G.Mythos Plus Cycling Shoes

Gaerne plans on doing away for the G.Myst Plus and introducing a new model, the Carbon G.Mythos Plus. As you can see, style and color plays a big role, so how do you label it?

The official color scheme for the 2011 Gaerne Carbon G.Mythos Plus is called Art, and indeed it is. Some new additions to the G.Mythos Plus that was not on the G.Myst, like easier to adjust, grip tongue, and improvement with the buckles. As of now, one pair is in the United States, but will release officially in October.

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Gaerne Carbon G.Kona 2011 Triathlon Shoe

gaerne carbon g kona 2011 triathlon shoe   Gaerne Carbon G.Kona 2011 Triathlon Shoe

2011 seems already to be a great year for products, and Gaerne shared a glimpse of the new Carbon G.Kona, a triathlon specific shoe. If you look at the previous released Triathlon Gaerne Shoe, the G.THN, you can tell the 2011 Gaerne Carbon G.Kona is a bit different, with a forefront Velcro strap. The rest of the 2011 Gaerne line should debut very soon.

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Team Lampre will Ride with Gaerne Shoes

team lampre ride gaerne shoes   Team Lampre will Ride with Gaerne Shoes

Team riders of Lampre will now wear the popular cycling shoes Gaerne for the 2010 season. The Gaerne cycling shoes Team Lampre will wear are the Carbon G Myst Plus, and a special edition for the team using pink and blue are expected to be worn by the team. Many professional cyclists wear Gaerne cycling shoes, and the recent partnership with Lampre just widens their takeover in the cycling world. At this moment, it is not known if the special edition Team Lampre Gaerne shoes will be available to the public.

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Gaerne World Champion G.Myst Shoe

gaerne world champion g myst shoe   Gaerne World Champion G.Myst Shoe

Celebrating Cadel Evans victory in Switzerland this year, Gaerne has created a Carbon G.Myst road bike shoe to accommodate the win. Featuring rainbow stripes on the Velcro straps and down the side, adjustable instep closure system, memory foam heel cup, carbon sole, leather insole, microfibre upper, and laser perforations that help keep your feet cool. Available in the middle of December, but you have a chance to win a pair at Gaerne.

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