pinit fg en rect gray 20   FUSION SO 3/4 Pants

fusion so 34 pants   FUSION SO 3/4 Pants

Equipped with the Windstopper® Soft Shell technology, the stylish high-cut back, windproof and water-repellant FUSION SO 3/4 pants are soft on the skin and versatile.

The FUSION SO 3/4 also gives you the perfect fit with its elastic, width-adjustable Velcro waistband and pre-shaped knees. Comfort is assured as it is designed with front mesh inserts for ventilation, adjustable with zip.

No need to worry about keeping your goodies with you while cycling. The 2 side pockets and Zip pocket on its back side and a laser-cut pouched pocket that can zip gives you storage without forfeiting fashion.

Reliability is well-established with its total windproofness and maximum breathability. These two factors are very important to enhance your performance when conquering the mountains! As they say, nothing beats fashion with convenient comfort assured….

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