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2012 Fulcrum Red Wind Carbon Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Fulcrum Red Wind Carbon Wheelset

2012 fulcrum red wind carbon wheelset   2012 Fulcrum Red Wind Carbon Wheelset

Fulcrum, a subsidiary of Campagnolo, has released its range of high-profile wheels for 2012, which features the new Red Wind carbon wheelset. The wheels will be available in Red Wind and Red Wind XLR configurations.

Red Wind features a rim that combines carbon fiber with an aluminum braking surface. The union of the spokes to the rim has a new system that allows for the finest distribution of forces, stability at high speeds, and outstanding aerodynamics.

Unlike other rims of the same price and spokes, the Red Wind rim is structural. Handmade in Italy, the 2012 Fulcrum Red Wind Carbon Wheelset combines a reasonable price and topnotch quality. Also, the wheels have valve grommets that keeps the valves from exasperatingly banging around inside the rim.

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2012 Fulcrum Racing Speed Range

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Fulcrum Racing Speed Range

2012 fulcrum racing speed range   2012 Fulcrum Racing Speed Range

In 2012, the Fulcum racing speed range will be expanding with new wheels. Brand new high profile carbon wheels to be introduced are the Racing Speed XLR 80 and the Dark Label versions of the Racing Speed 50mm and the Racing Speed XLR 50mm and 80mm.

Designed with professional racers in mind, the Racing XLR 80mm is a higher profile wheel that can be handled easily. This wheel features enhanced aerodynamic penetration while it maintains excellent maneuverability and amazing acceleration. Dark Label versions feature matte black frames in the Racing Speed 50mm and Racing Speed XLR 50mm and 80mm.

Excellent features of the 2012 Fulcrum racing speed wheels are the spoke anti-rotation system and the Two-to-One spoke pattern. The anti-rotation system keeps an accurate and aerodynamic spoke position while the Two-to-One helps transfer the rider’s power to the wheel efficiently on the rear wheel and offers an aerodynamic profile on…

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Fulcrum Red Fire Freeride Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fulcrum Red Fire Freeride Wheels

fulcrum red fire freeride wheels   Fulcrum Red Fire Freeride Wheels

Made for the daring freeride mountain biker, the Red Fire wheels stays true to Fulcrum‘s principle of maintaining the lightness of the bike for downhill rides. It has an anodized red rim designed to take on tubeless tires. Strength is not overlooked with the Red Fire, as it has a thru-axle for the rear wheel.

The Red Fire uses an Ultra-Fit tubeless system to keep its tires in perfect fit. Also, the rim is milled to save weight. For improved spoke balance, asymmetrical drilling was used to allow a space for the sprocket set and disc brake.

The thru-axle can fit 12mm and 20mm. Approximate weight for the front wheel is 993 grams and 1207 grams for the rear.

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Fulcrum Racing 7 Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fulcrum Racing 7 Wheelset

racing 7 wheelset from fulcrum 1 300x300   Fulcrum Racing 7 Wheelset The Fulcrum Racing 7 is now better than before. Fulcrum made them lighter and included a wear indicator to easily detect if your wheels need replacing. The rim is made from aluminum with a depth of 24mm and is colored black anodized and with updated graphics in white.

The hubs are oversized and with sealed cylindrical bearings. They are also available in a black anodized finish and made from aluminum. The front hub has upgraded spoke seats while the rear hub has a drive side flange, which is oversized. The rear wheel has 24 spokes laced consistent with Fulcrum’s 2:1 geometric technology. The spokes are stainless steel with a consistent thickness and round spoking. For the rear wheel, it has 16 stainless steel spokes on the drive side and 8 straight pull spokes on the non-drive side. The front wheel has 20 2mm spokes radially laced to enhance aerodynamics.

The Fulcrum…

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Fulcrum Racing Zero Tubular Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fulcrum Racing Zero Tubular Wheelset

fulcrum racing zero tubular wheelset   Fulcrum Racing Zero Tubular Wheelset

The crème of the crop in Fulcrum’s aluminum range is the Racing Zero Tubular wheelset. It has excellent features that match the performance it gives.

The rims are machined on 3 planes and made up of aluminum extrusions. This makes it lightweight yet still sturdy. The front and rear rim profiles are different from one another. The front rim is 26mm deep to have better aerodynamics while the rear rim is 30mm for optimal power transmission. The special Fulcrum lightening between spokes is applied to allow the Dynamic Balance™ system to take effect and keep you stable even as you ride at high speed.

The spokes and nipples are made of aluminum and follows Fulcrum’s 2:1 lacing pattern. Steel ball bearings were not used on the Racing Zero Tubular wheelset. Instead ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearing was made for it. This enhances the smoothness of your ride.

The freehub bodies can easily be…

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Fulcrum Red Heat Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fulcrum Red Heat Wheelset

fulcrum red heat wheelset   Fulcrum Red Heat Wheelset

Fulcrum has added a new mountain bike wheelset called Red Heat to their downhill/freeride range. The new wheelset was designed for it to be a match with standard (clincher) tires. However, the tubeless set up will just not do it for this wheelset.

The innovative wheelset was launched yesterday at the Taipei International Cycle Show in Taiwan. Don’t be fooled over Red Heat because it is a bit similar in appearance with the Red Fire series. There is a difference on the rims and alloys for each bike.

Slight narrow rims would be one of those qualities the Red Heat has plus oversized alloy hubs. The coloring finish of the bike parts would not be as eye-catching as the Fire’s black with red graphics but a version slightly altered to grab your attention with its subtlety.

Other noteworthy features of the Red Heat would be front through-axles sized at 20mm/110mm plus the rear…

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