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Fuji Feather Fixed Gear Bike

Fuji Feather Fixed Gear   Fuji Feather Fixed Gear Bike

Another competitively priced track bike is this Fuji Feather, a new Fuji model for 2010. Retailing at only $650, the Fuji Feather comes at a bargain to all Fuji fixed gear lovers. The Fuji Feather features an all steel frame, lugged forks, and a traditional track look. These just dropped in stores a few weeks ago. The Feather fixed gear is available in a variety of paint schemes and sizes, including a 44cm 650 size.

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Fuji D-6 2010 Triathlon Bike

fuji d 6 2010 triathlon bike2   Fuji D 6 2010 Triathlon Bike

The Fuji D-6 2010 Triathlon Bike, unveiled at Interbike 2009, features a nice frame geometry, and is made fully of carbon. The bike is light in weight, featuring the new SRAM XX component group. The release date for the Fuji D-6 2010 Triathlon Bike is unknown as of yet, check back in about a week for a for sure date, as well as pricing info.

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Fuji Track Elite 2010 Frameset

fuji track elite 2010 frameset   Fuji Track Elite 2010 Frameset

The Fuji Track Elite 2010 for now is only available as a frameset, although there is hope for a complete bike release early 2011. Finished in time for InterBike, the Fuji Track Elite 2010 Frameset utilizes C7 carbon, Fuji’s mid level carbon fiber, and a FC 440 fork that weighs 40 grams. The true difference between the 2010 and 2009 Fuji Track Elite, the 2009 was made of aluminum, and due to high demand, 2010 receives carbon. Overall, a aggressive frameset that will retail for $2,500 mid Spring 2010….

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Fuji SST 1.0 2010 Road Bike

fuji sst 1 0 2010 road bike   Fuji SST 1.0 2010 Road Bike

For 2010, Fuji has made the SST 1.0 the flagship model, unlike 2009 with the SL1 as the go to road bike. Available as a complete bike and frameset, the Fuji SST 1.0 2010 Road Bike fork and frame features I-Beam technology built in, reinforced walls that allow you to thin out the tubing for a stiffer bike. The head tube cup is now a half inch lower making the front end stiff also, and a new Shimano integrated bottom bracket. The Fuji SST 2010 Road Bike is available in 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, while each model is manufactured containing different components.

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