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2011 FSA Vision Trimax T42 Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 FSA Vision Trimax T42 Wheelset

2011 fsa vision trimax t42 wheelset   2011 FSA Vision Trimax T42 Wheelset

Neat, tight, and easy-handling, the Vision Trimax T42 Wheelset consists of semi-aero mid-section wheels from FSA for 2011. While the 42mm section rim does not cut up the wind and deeper sets, it is less prone to be blustered in windier conditions.

While it weighs 1.7kg/pr, which is average, these wheels climb better than deeper wheels do and they also light up effortlessly under power. This is because there is less in the rims. Very tight and precise overall feel and consistent braking are achieved through the hand-built straight-pull bladed spoke build.

When it comes to bike suitability, course profile, and wind conditions, the 2011 FSA Vision Trimax T42 Wheelset has better versatility as compared to most deeper section wheels. Other excellent features are long-term smoothness, high quality quick-release, and tire covers.

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FSA 386 Evo Bottom Brackets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FSA 386 Evo Bottom Brackets

fsa 386 evo bottom brackets   FSA 386 Evo Bottom Brackets

The future of high end frames and drivetrain component designs are being ushered in by FSA with the help of the new FSA 386 Evo bottom brackets.

What’s great about the new BB 386 EVO system is that it works well with the majority of the current bottom bracket standards, including the standard 68mm wide BBs for road bikes as well as a BB30 or a PF30 bottom bracket or even as a Bright system or a BB86.

As for the 386 EVo, this system is press fit and will sport an 86.5mm bottom bracket shell width, making the frame’s width wider and makes the axle as long as the external system with a total diameter of 30mm, similar to that of the BB30 system.

It is also because of this 30mm axle diameter that the bottom bracket system gets a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio. For increased stiffness and stability, the EVO’s bearings…

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FSA SL-K Seatpost

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FSA SL K Seatpost

fsa sl k seatpost 2   FSA SL K Seatpost

Bike lovers who want their seat post light and using the best carbon fiber materials available to the market right now should probably check out the FSA SL-K Seatpost, which gives everything that riders might be looking for.

On the outside it looks like the standard carbon fiber made seatpost but when you start scrutinizing the insides and the materials used in making this one of a kind seatpost you’ll know that the similarities end specifically with them both being seat posts.

For one the clamp for the seatpost looks like a traditional micro-adjust seatpost but with a closer look you’ll see that the clamp has a pair of chromoly bolts laid together side-by-side. The only downside is that when installing the seatpost, it is apparent that you have to make sure that the clamps and the post are placed on tight.

On the downside, the FSA SL-K Seatpost has a limited…

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FSA Gossamer BB30 Recall

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FSA Gossamer BB30 Recall

fsa gossamer bb30 recall   FSA Gossamer BB30 Recall

Full Speed Ahead (FSA) issued a voluntary recall of its non-drive Gossamer BB30 series crankarms. This was due to reports that say its crankarms can crack and break should it be overtightened than the recommended torque specification.

The BB30 series affected are those that have serial numbers beging with 10B, 10C and 10D, found on the backside of the crankarm, near the pedal threads. If you find that your crankarm is tagged for recall, find your local dealer to have it replaced and fitted for a new FSA issue.

Unaffected crankarms are MegaExo, Gossamer BB30 Drive and Gossamer BB30 Triple cranksets. Some bikes with the Gossamer BB30 non-drive are:

Synapse Alloy 105 / Apex
Super Six 5 105
Synapse Carbon 105 / Apex
CAAD 8 105
CAAD 10 105

SEMPRE Veloce 10v
SEMPRE Ultegra

For more info, you may call FSA toll free at 1 877 RIDE FSA (1-877-743-3372) or email

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FSA Vision Metron TT Shifter System

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FSA Vision Metron TT Shifter System

fsa vision metron tt shifter system 300x200   FSA Vision Metron TT Shifter SystemFSA unveils its Vision Metron drivetrain group for TT bikes. This has been under testing with the Cofidis team last season. What is unique from the Vision Metron TT groupset is its new shifter design. The two levers on the aerobar extensions are the shifters. You no longer had to move your hand around so much when you shift gears as what you usually encounter with other barrel based shifting systems.

Inside the bars is a sliding rail mechanism. This ratchet system functions to index the gears when you press the integrated cap or the shifters. FSA also made sure that the entire system inside the extensions will generate lesser internal friction than other shifting systems.

The Vision Metron TT Shifter System also has the Vision TT crankset with BB30 omega axle, Vision front derailleur and carbon rear derailleur. They are currently compatible with SRAM/Shimano components.


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