2012 fiveten freerider mountain bike shoe   2012 FiveTen FreeRider Mountain Bike Shoe
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For those who are looking for a new pair of shoes for mountain biking, one of the popular choices for 2012 are the new FreeRider shoes from Five Ten. Nicely and uniquely designed, these mountain bike shoes are ideal for those who are looking for fashion footwear on the trail.

The impressive aesthetics of the FreeRider is complemented by reliable durability and maximum comfort. As compared to conventional rubber outsoles, this shoe can absorb a lot more shock, thanks to its state-of-the-art Stealth rubber.

Flat pedal riders and downhill mountain bike racers will surely find the 2012 FiveTen FreeRider Mountain Bike Shoe amazing. Award-winning performance is offered by the high-quality details of this shoe, which include action leather uppers, protective toe boxes, and reinforced stitching.


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