2012 nuke proof electron downhillfreeride bmx pedals   2012 Nuke Proof Electron Downhill/Freeride BMX Pedals

Ideal for downhill and freeride BMX riders is the new pedal called Electron which has been introduced by Nuke Proof for 2012. This versatile pedal is not an ordinary one as it is loaded with topnotch features, such as its 12 replaceable pins.

Built from a nylon construction with sealed cartridge bearings, the Electron is impressively tough and it offers the reliable grip that serious riders require. Moreover, water ingress is effectively reduced by its sturdy rubber lip seals.

A pair of the 2012 Nuke Proof Electron Downhill/Freeride BMX Pedals weighs in at 338g only. Incredibly lightweight, these pedals are expected to become the favorite of riders who are fond of tackling downhill, 4X, and all-mountain adventures. The pedals are available in black, white, and yellow.

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