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Kessiakoff Withdraws from Giro d’Italia

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kessiakoff withdraws from giro ditalia 251x300   Kessiakoff Withdraws from Giro dItaliaThe Giro d’Italia, is one of Garmin-Transitions rider Fredrik Kessiakoff’s main season targets and he is going to miss it after fatigue overtook him in his first season with the squad. He has not heard from them since.
On Tuesday morning he spoke with CyclingNews, “After my disappointing spring campaign, I have left it 100% with the team to decide whether I should go or not.” Fredrik has absolute confidence on his team and respects whatever conclusion they have for him.

After discussing the matter with the team management, he was bent to alter his plans for 2010. He later stated through his website, “I have had a really hard time finding my form during the spring. The season is long and my focus will now be to come back for the later part of the season.”

In 2006, Kessiakoff, a former mountain biker made third place in the World MTB championships and…

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Fredrik Kessiakoff to be Garmin-Transitions’ Lead Man at Giro

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fredrik kessiakoff to be garmin transitions lead man at giro   Fredrik Kessiakoff to be Garmin Transitions Lead Man at Giro

Fredrik Kessiakoff, of Sweden, was a mountain bike rider before taking to the road in 2009 with Fuji. He is now back and ready for 2010, with his new team Garmin-Transitions. He saw over 100 days of racing last year, with two Grand Tour appearances. It seems as if he will be the go-to man for Garmin in this year’s Giro d’Italia. He only had a one year deal with Fuji when he was approached by Garmin in April 2009. He took the offer, partly because of the support for clean racing with the team. 29-year-old Kessiakoff will compete in the Pais Vasco before heading over to the Giro. He may also compete in the Vuelta a España later this year….

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