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2012 Felt DA 1 Triathlon Frameset

2012 felt da 1 triathlon frameset   2012 Felt DA 1 Triathlon Frameset

A new frameset for triathlon called DA 1 has been released by Felt Bicycles for 2012. Well-designed for time trial/triathlon, the UHC Ultimate + Nano MMV carbon fiber frame comes with 1KP weave and InsideOut internal molding process as well as Di2 and mechanical internal cable routing.

Weighing 1300g, the DA 1 frame is nicely finished with gloss black and matte carbon. To further optimize the quality of the frame, it is equipped with aluminum rear derailleur hanger and carbon fiber dropout with useful accessories like the extra seatpost, stem extension package, and aero battery cover.

Developed after years of engineering, research, and wind-tunnel development, the 2012 Felt DA 1 Triathlon Frameset guarantees an award-winning performance during competitions. This has been proven by the wins of Felt athletes, such as Andi Boecherer and Terenzo Bozzone.

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2012 Specialized Demo 8 II FSR Frameset

2012 specialized demo 8 II fsr frameset   2012 Specialized Demo 8 II FSR Frameset

Specialized has introduced a new frameset for 2012 called Demo 8 II FSR, which is loaded with an extensive list of excellent specs. Along with is 200mm of rear wheel travel are a 1.5″ head tube, FSR suspension, and Cane Creek Double Barrel coil shocks.

Ideal for aspiring DH racers, the bike has high and low speed rebound and compression settings, which are externally adjustable, from the coil shock, maximizing control over tough terrains. Also, the suspension linkage is especially designed to tackle even the most challenging terrain.

With two Downhill World Championships to its credit, the 2012 Specialized Demo 8 II FSR Frameset is an excellent choice for the race bicycles of pros. Featured by the manipulated M5 alloy FSR frame of the Demo 8 II are a rear derailleur protector, magnesium link, and an outsized forged head tube.

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2012 De Rosa Corum Road Frameset

2012 de rosa corum road frameset   2012 De Rosa Corum Road Frameset

For riders who are looking for an innovative frameset, De Rosa has released a new exciting road frame called Corum for 2012. As an Italian made machine, the Corum is a well-thought frame constructed with excellent precision, craftsmanship, and aesthetics.

By using artisan construction techniques, the Corum frame is a contemporary interpretation of steel. These up-to-date techniques utilize 18MCDV6 alloy steel as well as TIG welding. The frame also features a carbon fiber fork and an integrated steering tube.

Skillfully crafted, the 2012 De Rosa Corum Road Frameset is ideal for riders who are fond of beautiful Italian bikes. Available in 30 sizes, the Corum frame can be made to measure with its customized slope and traditional geometry.

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2012 Cervelo R5CA Road Frameset with Rotor Crankset

2012 cervelo r5ca road frameset with rotor crankset   2012 Cervelo R5CA Road Frameset with Rotor Crankset

For 2012, Cervelo has compiled its innovative knowledge in an excellent frame called R5CA. The R5CA is the product of the new production techniques, test methods, and lay-ups developed by Cervelo, which means that this frameset is a technical breakthrough with many things to offer, like its rotor crankset.

Very light weight, the Rotor 3D30 is a thoroughbred performance aluminum crank. For riders who want to tackle bad roads and long rides with much ease, this is the ideal frameset as it offers much comfort from its vibration damping and vertical compliance.

Climbing is made easier by the low weight of the 2012 Cervelo R5CA Road Frameset with a Rotor Crankset. Torsional stiffness allows the riders to descend with confidence and safety while BB stiffness helps them conserve energy. Also, its tube is made light, stiff, strong by its Squoval design.

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2011 Blue AC1 SL Frameset

2011 blue ac1 sl frameset   2011 Blue AC1 SL Frameset

Blue Bikes has polished the ACI SL this 2011 after introducing it last year. The refined road frameset is made to build a bike that runs incredibly fast. Combined with the Super Flow Tube Technology (SFT2) are monocoque frame construction and race proven geometry.

As expected from Blue, this frameset offers the handling characteristics that are highly beneficial to racers. Made of aerospace grade T800 and T1000 carbon fiber, its weight is greatly reduced. For better, horizontal stiffness with vertical compliance, tube shapes and carbon layup are carefully engineered.

Extremely fast, stiff, and light, the 2011 Blue AC1 SL Frameset is a very versatile aero machine. Teardrop profile to the wind is optimized by precisely shaping each tube. Aside from its very stiff monocoque fabrication, the frameset also has a highly advanced application.

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2011 Time RX Instinct Carbon Frameset

2011 time rx instinct carbon frameset   2011 Time RX Instinct Carbon Frameset

Time has released a carbon frameset for 2011, the RX Instinct. While this frameset enjoys the advantages of an extremely fast road bike, it also features Time’s Ergodrive geometry that offers a more relaxed riding position.

A less aggressive position is achieved, thanks to the taller head tube. This is ideal to sportive riders and to anyone who has a back problem. One topnotch technology featured by the frameset is the Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) that makes it a perfect racing machine.

With liquid polyamide fibers, jolts and shocks to the frame are reduced. Built through the unique three-step process of Time, the 2011 Time RX Instinct Carbon Frameset is designed for optimal back comfort. This makes it ideal for long-distance riders.

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2011 Argon 18 Krypton Frameset

2011 argon 18 krypton frameset   2011 Argon 18 Krypton Frameset

Revised to allow riders to optimize their potential, the new 2011 Argon 18 Krypton Frameset features an enhanced measure of efficiency. Medium sized, the Krypton weighs 1225g and offers an additional 17% rigidity at the area where it counts.

Cut for the medium size frame, the newly-designed 390g Argon 18 Krypton monocoque carbon fork matches and complements the ride quality and characteristics of the frame. The monocoque frame features larger and load-specific tube shapes.

Riding experience is enhanced by the 2011 Argon 18 Krypton Frameset, thanks to its Geometry – AFS. Customized, the frame structure allows for immediate transfer power and maintenance of degree of comfort. The 3D headtube allows position adjustment without compromising overall frame stiffness.

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