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2011 Fit VH3 Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fit VH3 Frame

2011 fit vh3 frame   2011 Fit VH3 Frame

Van Homan’s new signature frame is the 2011 Fit VH3, utilizing the right amount of weight and balance for hard riding.

It uses a butted true temper supertherm tubeset, 14mm 4Q-Baked dropouts, Thread On brake mounts, and optional gyro tabs. The weight of the frame varies depending on size: 20.5″ weighs 4.7 pounds, 20.75″ is at 4.8 pounds, and 21″ in 4.9 pounds.

The Fit 2011 VH3 Frame is available in black, gold and teal. You can also purchase a matching limited edition Gold Blade lite fork and high bar.

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2011 Commencal Meta 4x Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Commencal Meta 4x Frame

2011 commencal meta 4x frame   2011 Commencal Meta 4x Frame

The 2011 Commencal Meta 4x frame works exceptionally well with cross and Freeride sessions that will keep you on the trails for hours.

Due to the linkage system, the Commencal 2011 Meta 4x adds appropriate acceleration for a 100mm of travel mtb. The head angle system is adjustable, adding overall versatility to the frame.

Upon purchasing, the 2011 Commencal Meta 4x frame includes a fox float RP2 rear shock, Thompson Elite seatpost, replaceable 10mm vertical dropouts (drive and non-drive) and e.thirteen LG1+ with a taco chain guide….

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On-One 456 Summer Season Glow in the Dark Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   On One 456 Summer Season Glow in the Dark Frame

on one 456 summer season glow dark frame   On One 456 Summer Season Glow in the Dark Frame

After images leaked of the On-One 456 Summer Season in a “Glow in the Dark” finish, people asked where they could get one. Unfortunately at the time, the glow in the dark 456 Summer Season was not available.

On-One has recently released the 456 Summer Season frame and Complete with the glow in the dark paint. Coming soon are rims, pedals and other components with the same glow.

During the day, the 456 Summer Season looks like your normal frame, but at night it really shines bright. The Summer Season will need to soak up sunlight to glow, however. At night, the frame glows for roughly two hours. The life of the glow is about 6 months.

The Glow in the Dark Summer Season is a limited release, and holds the same retail price of the other 456 Summer Frames ($231.42).

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SE Quad Fixed Prototype Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE Quad Fixed Prototype Frame

se quad fixed prototype frame   SE Quad Fixed Prototype Frame

SE’s history with BMX is strong lived by the quad angle frame. Today we received information from SE on a prototype quad fixed gear frame hopefully soon to be released.

Only one prototype of the SE Quad fixed frame has been made. Last night, SE gave the frame to Marwin “The Wizard” Ou to test. You can catch “The Wizard” riding the Quad around the LBC area soon.

At this point, SE is unsure if the Quad fixed frame will launch with its 2012 line. More information coming in the next months.

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Cielo Cross Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cielo Cross Frame

cielo cross frame 300x200   Cielo Cross Frame

The Cielo Cross Frame by Chris King is now available. The handcrafted tempered OX Platinum steel cross frame along with fork will be used by the Pedro’s Elite Cyclocross team.

The Cielo Cross frame could be fitted with optional fender eyelets, making it a multi-purpose machine contender. It has a steer tube of 1/1 – 8” and a bottom bracket width of 68mm English thread. With a 130mm rear hub spacing and a seat post of 27.2mm, the Cross carries a warranty of 5 year craftsmanship and one year on materials.

Furthermore, the cyclocross frame is now issued in a variety of colors: Transit grey, Oyster white, Fall orange, Jade green, Galaxy black and Cielo Blue. Tagged at $1,895.00 with the fork included….

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2011 Corsair Bikes Dominion

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Corsair Bikes Dominion

2011 corsair bikes dominion 1 300x200   2011 Corsair Bikes Dominion

Corsair Bikes introduces a 3-in-1 frame in 2011 for the average cycling enthusiast on a budget. The new frame is called Dominion and is specially designed to fit 3 riding disciplines, the freeride, slopestyle and the downhill. The new frame is priced at about $2000 and will be available in March or June of 2011.

The Dominion is one frame that you can build up and set up for DH, FR or SS on any day by simply replacing the shocks and the forks. The length of the forks you can use are 9.5, 8.5, 7.5 and 6.5 inch forks. Each time you want to modify the frame, you can adjust the head angle from 62.5 degrees to 69 degrees as well as the chainstay length.

The Dominion uses a new linkage suspension layout called the Unit. It has an asymmetric design that allows you to use E-type front derailleur. A…

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Hoffman 2011 Bama Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hoffman 2011 Bama Frame

hoffman 2011 bama frame   Hoffman 2011 Bama Frame

Seth Kimbough signature line Bama will have new additions for 2011, here we present to you the frame.

The 2011 Hoffman Bama frame features 4130 chromoly, single butted down tube including internal gusset, internal machined bottom bracket shell, and integrated headtube with gyro tabs. Lastly, the 2011 Bama comes with removable U-brake mounts.

Weighing in at 4 pounds 14 ounces, the Hoffman 2011 Bama frame comes in black jade, pearl crimson, and flat metal (grey). Retail is $249.99.

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