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2012 Pro-Lite Menaggio Track Full Carbon Frame

2012 pro lite menaggio track full carbon frame   2012 Pro Lite Menaggio Track Full Carbon Frame

A new track full carbon frame called Menaggio has been released by Pro-lite for 2012. Since Pro-lite performs its own testing program set to the highest industry standard, it is guaranteed that every frame produced is of top quality.

As the only one that has successfully used an excellent 7046 alloy material, Pro-Lite is able to create frames that are very light without compromising its exceptional performance. Digital design and wind tunnels are cleverly used to optimize the quality of the frame.

While it is aesthetically nice, the 2012 Pro-Lite Menaggio Track Full Carbon Frame is a serious machine. With its topnotch features such as its adjustable dropouts, the Menaggio is crafted with the serious racers in mind.

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2012 Surly Troll Frame

2012 surly troll frame   2012 Surly Troll Frame

When it comes to aesthetics, the new Troll released by Sury Bikes for 2012 is one of the best frames. With its exquisite Agent Orange color, the frame contributes to the complete fashion statement of all stylish cyclists out there.

Aside from good looks, the Troll also takes pride in its smart parts. The frame has mounting points on which riders can attach almost anything. After sorting out the chain tension, the caliper can be lined up easily with the wheel by the sliding disc brake mounts.

As a do-everything machine, the 2012 Surly Troll Frame is perfect for commuting, bike packing, trailer hauling, off road touring, and single track ripping. With its reliable durability, convenient mounting points, and great aesthetics, the Troll is definitely an exceptional frame.

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2012 GT Xizang 29er Titanium Frame

2012 gt xizang 29er titanium frame   2012 GT Xizang 29er Titanium Frame

From the 90s, the iconic frame called Xizang will be brought back by GT Bicyles for 2012. With its reincarnation, this titanium frame will be reintroduced as a 29er. While the new Xizang is immediately recognizable, it is scrupulously interpreted with nice innovations.

Included in the innovative updates of the frame are a replaceable derailleur hanger, a tapered 1-1/8 to 1-1/2in head tube, and post mount disc tabs. Nicely welded, the custom drawn butted titanium tubes come with state-of-the-art geometry.

With the master plan of GT Bicyles to regain the glory it once enjoyed, the 2012 GT Xizang 29er Titanium Frame is back after its absence for over a decade. Other new features of the frame are a 31.6 seat post, English thread bottom bracket, full-length cable housing, and direct post type disc brake mount.

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2012 Bianchi Methanol SX2 Frame

2012 bianchi methanol sx2 frame   2012 Bianchi Methanol SX2 Frame

A new frame for 2012 has been released by Bianchi called Methanol SX2. As compared to the previous model, this frame is minimally altered featuring new graphics, new tapered headset, and mounting of the rear brake. Both well done, the frame and its painting come with an excellent cable routing.

Also well assembled is the common blend of components Magura and FSA. What remains unchanged in the frame is its geometry so it still features a great balance between stability and handling. With a new headset, chassis rigidity is improved and the steering response to given commands is increased.

For those who want to assemble a bike at a reasonable price but of high quality, the 2012 Bianchi Methanol SX2 Frame is the perfect choice. Featuring amazing comfort, the frame features a San Marco saddle that ensures a good support to the rider’s buttock.

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2011 Stanton Slackline Hardtail Frame

2011 stanton slackline hardtail frame   2011 Stanton Slackline Hardtail Frame

Stanton Bikes has introduced the Slackline, a multipurpose all-mountain hardcore hardtail frame for 2011. With a strong 4X/Slalom influence, the design of the frame offers both great style and reliable performance in any riding conditions.

With its superb vibration damping and controlling properties, the tubing used in creating the Slackline is perfect. A combined direct and controlled ride and super strength is achieved through the carefully chosen internal tubing diameters with butting used in specific areas of the frame.

The key feature of the 2011 Stanton Slackline Hardtail Frame design is its directional flex control. Riders can fit their preferred style by altering their weight placement and the frame angles for every discipline. Very versatile, the Slackline is designed to tackle any discipline and style.

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2011 Quattro Assi DBS Frame

2011 quattro assi dbs frame   2011 Quattro Assi DBS Frame

Manufactured in China, the DBS is an exclusively produced 2011 Quattro Assi Frame available in aluminum and steel models. The aluminum DBS frame consists of TIG-welded 7046- alloy round tubes with large first-class uniform beads.

A Wave carbon fiber fork is modeled by Quattro Assi after Pinarello’s design with a little finer profile. With a variation the lower half featuring an exposed carbon weave, the Wave fork enhances balance, comfort and rigidity for a smoother ride and maintains momentum through corners.

Even without racing-level acceleration, the 2011 Quattro Assi DBS Frame is a lively and competitive machine that has incredibly agile steering. On steep descents, the lively feel and jumpy steering is not a major obstacle and at high speed, the DBS keeps its momentum.

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2011 Le Prince Fixed Gear Lady Frame

2011 le prince fixed gear lady frame   2011 Le Prince Fixed Gear Lady Frame

As the first Finnish-based fixed gear bicycle brand, Le Prince is proud to introduce a new product set to be released this 2011, which is called, the Lady Frame. As the name implies, these frames are tailored for the lady riders.

Moreover, it is not often that fixed gear frames are made for women. Le Prince is one of the few brands to release a frame designed for women fixed gear riders. With a specially designed geometry, the frame guarantees a more competent riding experience for women riders.

Aside from the traditional female colors, pink and white, the 2011 Le Prince Fixed Gear Lady Frame is also available in a black and white color scheme. Aside from its simple and nice aesthetics, the Lady frame guarantees strength for tough rides.

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