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2012 Redline Flight Carbon Frame

2012 redline flight carbon frame   2012 Redline Flight Carbon Frame

For 2012, Redline has introduced a carbon frame for BMX called Flight for the first time. After thorough research and deliberation, Redline has chosen carbon fiber in order to achieve an excellent strength to weight ratio as well as an ultimately flexible design.

In specific areas of the Flight frame, Redline was able to either increase or decrease the amount of fibers through a carbon fiber manufacturing process. This process allowed for the optimum adjustments on the frame’s weight, ride quality, and stiffness.

With a Euro BB, integrated headtube, and enclosed 15mm dropouts, the 2012 Redline Flight Carbon Frame weighs 1.27 kg and 1.36kg for XL and XXL sizes respectively. This means that this frame is 25% lighter as compared to the Flight R6 alloy frame.

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2012 Yeti SB66 Mountain Bike Frame

2012 yeti sb66 mountain bike frame   2012 Yeti SB66 Mountain Bike Frame

Yeti Bikes has released one of the latest mountain bike frames for 2012 called SB66. Four of the major features of this 3.17kg frame include switch technology, more responsive mid stroke, efficient pedaling, and continuous travel. It is available in lime, turquoise, black, and white colors.

An unconventional mechanism is used by the optimized dual-link design called switch technology, which is combined with the leverage ratio’s flat linear shape for a more responsive mid stroke. By rotating the eccentric link rearward, efficient pedaling is achieved without compromising its small bump sensitivity.

When the 2012 Yeti SB66 Mountain Bike Frame gets to the inflection point, the forward clockwise rotation of the eccentric link begins. With this continuous travel, the rate at which the chain stay develops drops fast so the suspension can work separately from pedal feedback and chain forces.

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2012 Giant Reign X Mountain Bike Frame

2012 giant reign x mountain bike frame   2012 Giant Reign X Mountain Bike Frame

A high-quality frame for mountain bike riders called Reign X has been released by Giant Bicycles for 2012. Built for rough trails, the Reign X is reinforced with a FluidForm ALUXX SL aluminum frameset and a dynamic Maestro 6.7in suspension travel.

While the frame is aggressive enough to tackle all-mountain terrains, its weight is kept low to make climbing steeps easier. Included in the upgrades of this new frame are its secure geometry and sharper handling as well as enhanced cornering capabilities and torsional stiffness.

With the Reign X, riders do not have to worry about sharp drops and other trail obstacles, such as slack rocks and slippery roots. Since trails have extreme demands, it takes an extreme machine such as the 2012 Giant Reign X Mountain Bike Frame to tackle them with confidence.

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2012 Cube Agree GTC Frame

2012 cube agree gtc frame   2012 Cube Agree GTC Frame

Cube Bikes has introduced a new frame called Agree GTC for 2012. Along with its hybrid cable routing, the frame gets a Multi Purpose Hanger, which tackles both electronic and mechanical shifting systems equally well. It features a 320g Cube CSL EVO carbon fiber fork and ceramic headset bearings up front.

By combining its comfort-oriented characteristics with a vibrant shape, this frame become the ideal racing machine on the road, especially for epic and long rides. Twin mold technology is used by its monocoque construction to prevent unsafe folding on the inside and ensure even layer structure.

A direct successor of the new Cube Litening frame, the 2012 Cube Agree GTC Frame will come in four trim levels, namely Litening Race, Litening SL, Litening SLT, and Litening Pro. With the frame’s exceptionally rigid front-end, the rider is provided with great control and security in various situations.

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2012 Pro-Lite Galileo Frame

2012 pro lite galileo frame   2012 Pro Lite Galileo Frame

Pro-lite has introduced a new frame for 2012 called Galileo. Its 100% carbon fiber construction means that no alloy lugs are used and then concealed in the construction of the frame. Using its own precision-made carbon lugs and tubing, Pro-Lite was able to systematically join the frame.

Several other frames are claimed to be monocoque although they are hidden alloy lugged frames inside the tubes. On the other hand, the Galileo frame uses all the strength characteristics of a lugged frame but excludes the weakness setbacks of a single piece monocoque frame.

Completely hand crafted, the 2012 Pro-Lite Galileo Frame guarantees top quality trusted by various race teams and pro riders all over the world. Other features are CNC integrated head tube design, full carbon with polish CNC Pro-Lite dropout, and CNC stainless steel replaceable derailleur hanger.

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2012 Black Market Bikes Contraband Frame

2012 black market bikes contraband frame   2012 Black Market Bikes Contraband Frame

One of the latest frames that offer topnotch quality for 2012 is the Contraband, which was released by Black Market Bikes. Skillfully hand crafted, the Contraband is a 24in specific frame that has a lot of great things to offer, such as 365mm chainstays and Mid BB with 135mm spacing.

Professionally proven and frequently imitated, the unique geometry by Black Market Bikes provides the riders with an absolutely solid ride that they will surely enjoy. To optimize the quality of the geometry, it is combines with precision laser cut bridges and dropouts.

Weighing in at 2.6kgs, the 2012 Black Market Bikes Contraband Frame offers reliable quality thanks to its Sanko tubing, which is heat-treated, double-butted, and seamlesss. Other features of the frame include an integrated headset and seat clamp.

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2012 Cube Litening Super HPC Frame

2012 cube litening super hpc frame   2012 Cube Litening Super HPC Frame

Dubbed as the fastest road bike from Cube Bikes, the Litening Super HPC frame is one of the exciting new racing machines to be released for 2012. While its weight is incredibly reduced, its stiffness is maintained and comfort is even more enhanced.

Using Advanced Twin Mould technology, minimum amount of material is used while maintaining stability. All aluminum parts are removed, featuring full carbon BB area and dropouts. Its top tube, thinner seat stays, and a smaller diameter Syntace Flexpost enhances its stiffness and compliance.

As the name implies, the 2012 Cube Litening Super HPC Frame is as fast as lightning. In terms of the lines and the design of this new carbon fiber frame, it is definitely a masterpiece. Each pedal stroke of the frame issheer acceleration, too.

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