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FBM Tom Blyth Bellwitch BMX Frame

fbm tom blyth bellwitch bmx frame 1   FBM Tom Blyth Bellwitch BMX Frame

Tom Blyth, rider for FBM, has a new frame on the way known as the Bellwitch.

The FBM Bellwitch frame comes in four top tube lengths, 20.5, 20.75, 21 and 21.25 inches. The head tube posses a 75 degree angle, 9 inch stand over, 11.6 inch bottom bracket and a rear end legnth of 13.5 inches.

If your one of those that love to by products made in the USA, then rest assured, the FBM Tom Blyth Bellwitch is constructed in the states.

Additional information on the release will come soon.

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2012 Santa Cruz V10 F DHX RC4 Mountain Bike Frame

2012 santa cruz v10 f dhx rc4 mountain bike frame   2012 Santa Cruz V10 F DHX RC4 Mountain Bike Frame

For 2012, Santa Cruz Bikes has relaunched a new model of the popular mountain bike frame called V10 F DHX RC4. With its reputation of being ridden by two World Cup winners out of three tries, this bike frame guarantees nothing but a topnotch quality.
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Constructed from a top-quality carbon fiber material, the V10 F DHX RC4 loses weight while enjoying an increased strength. Being efficiently more lightweight and stronger, this bike frame is ideal for racers who are pfizer viagra no prescription aiming for an award-winning performance.

Ideal for downhill riders, the 2012 Santa Cruz V10 F DHX RC4 Mountain Bike Frame is unmistakably an ideal machine for aspiring racing champions. What is amazing about this bike frame is that it already made a name as an award-wining race frame while being just a prototype….

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2012 Orange P7 Pro Mountain Bike Frame

2012 orange p7 pro mountain bike frame   2012 Orange P7 Pro Mountain Bike Frame
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One of the most popular frames on the mountain bike market is the P7 Pro, which is a newly released item from Orange Bikes for 2012. Featuring a Reynolds 631 double butted chromoly tube set, this mountain bike frame offers an unparalleled versatility.

The P7 Pro platform is made even more versatile by smoothly updating the frame with the best of latest technology. This means that riders can rely on this frame for their cycle tours, singlespeed, hardcore hardtail, and all-day adventures.

While the 2012 Orange P7 Pro Mountain Bike Frame does not have flashy features, it offers a wonderful ride with perfect balance. Other exciting features of the frame include an ISCG 05 chain guide and steel chassis that allows for a vigorous but straight feel.

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2012 Mondraker Summum Frame

2012 mondraker summum frame   2012 Mondraker Summum Frame

For riders who are looking for the most hassle-free frame, Mondraker has reintroduced its carefully crafted frame called Summum for 2012. In order to maintain its stiffness and strength while saving weight, the Summum uses Stealth construction, which also makes the frame look unique.

As compared to its 2011 version, this new Summum is slightly renewed in terms of painting and graphics. The 2012 model will be available in two versions, the black Pro Team and the limited edition green Pro team MFT, which also comes with Fabien Barel’s signature.

By using Zero Suspension Technology, the 2012 Mondraker Summum Frame eradicates every hassle on the pedals and on the chain. In other words, the Summum is an affordable frame that allows the riders to enjoy pointing the bike downhill with no worries at all.

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2012 Tomac Diplomat 29 Frame

2012 tomac diplomat 29 frame   2012 Tomac Diplomat 29 Frame

Tomac Bikes has reintroduced its famous frame called Diplomat 29 for 2012. Combining maximum efficiency and outstanding agility, this 6069 aluminum frame guarantees an enjoyable ride. In order to accommodate high-volume tires, it offers sufficient tire clearance.

Tomac designed the Diplomat 29 with its proprietary IAS suspension design and a 71-degree head tube angle. Moreover, the frame offers 120mm rear travel, which is designed for a 120 travel fork, in a solid and quick handling package.

When sharp handling is regarded as a prerequisite, the 2012 Tomac Diplomat 29 Frame is a highly recommended machine. Its tapered head tube enhances its stiffness while its direct mount derailleur offers crisp shifting. Including the Fox RP23 shock, the frame has a total weight of only 3.1kg.

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2012 Da Bomb Cherry Bomb 6 Downhill Frame

2012 da bomb cherry bomb 6 downhill frame   2012 Da Bomb Cherry Bomb 6 Downhill Frame

Da Bomb has unveiled its newly improved downhill frame called Cherry Bomb 6 for 2012. While the frame still keeps its tested four-bar linkage design, its improvements include an increase of 6in of rearward travel. It is built from 7005 hydro-formed tubing that features a 1.5in tapered headset.

As its name implies, the Cherry Bomb 6 combines sweetness with toughness. What gives the frame nice aesthetics is its classic four-bar linkage design, which comes with an X-Fusion 02-RL lockout rear shock. Also featured by this sweet frame is double-butted trumpet tubing technology, 34.9mm seat clamp, and 135mm dropout spacing.

Constructed from a first-class 7005 aluminum material, the 2012 Da Bomb Cherry Bomb 6 Downhill Frame does not only look sweet but also rides very smoothly. Though it weighs in at only 3.6kg, this light downhill frame is also very tough. Its suggested fork travel is 160 mm.

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2012 Tomac Snyper 140 Mountain Bike Frame

2012 tomac snyper 140 frame   2012 Tomac Snyper 140 Mountain Bike Frame

Tomac Bikes has redesigned one of the best-selling mountain bike frames for 2012, which is called the Snyper 140. It is built from a first-rate 6069 aluminum frame that comes with mountain bike-specific features, making the bike a great machine for those who enjoy all-day rides in rough terrain.

With exceptional pedaling efficiency, this stiff and light frame allows the rider to smoothly slide along the rough terrain. Aside from triple butted 6069 top and down tubes, the Snyper 140 utilizes CNC machined shock and rocker link mounts and forged aluminum shock mounts.

Featuring a completely new design, the 2012 Tomac Snyper 140 Mountain Bike Frame integrates the very much desired Instant Active Suspension (IAS) suspension design. Through this new IAS system, response time to bump forces is improved. Also, the frame works with Shimano, SRAM, and FSA front derailleurs.

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