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2011 Fox 32 TALAS 140 FIT Terralogic Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fox 32 TALAS 140 FIT Terralogic Fork

2011 fox 32 talas 140 fit terralogic fork   2011 Fox 32 TALAS 140 FIT Terralogic Fork

Fox’s latest addition to its ever expanding fork collection can be pretty much summed up as a transformer. The 2011 Fox 32 TALAS FIT Terralogic Fork delivers everything its rider would need in order to conquer the great outdoors.

And all this, just like the massive robots of the 80s, can be done on the fly, transforming your bike into the perfect uphill machine or downhill warrior.

The fork‘s TALAS system gives you the option to adjust your traveling mode from 5.5″ to 4.3″ with a quick adjustment of a 15 point dial, helping you climb faster and with more traction and just as easily switch back to the normal setting. And don’t worry about forgetting to switch back to your normal setting, since this new fork will automatically switch back to the normal setting after a period of time. Smart right?

Rather than facing bigger bumps or potholes in the…

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Fox Stealth Bomber Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fox Stealth Bomber Gloves

fox stealth bomber gloves   Fox Stealth Bomber Gloves

Get ready to face the wild outdoors. or the streets, or wherever you plan on taking your bike in high fashion with the Fox Stealth Bomber Gloves.

This efficient and fashionable glove from Fox is built primarily from a re-curved body with a Pittards leather top panel that protects your hands from the harshest elements, while the bottom part has been imbued with a fine mesh for ventilation and comfort.

The embossed Fox Head or brand on the top most part of the hand can keep you protected thanks to the TPR wrist closure and embossed silicone on all areas.

This great looking cycling gloves from Fox also features protection from Poron XRD all across the knuckles and fingers for a great performance while riding. The Fox Stealth Bomber Gloves comes in various sizes, including 2X-Large, Large, Medium, Small and X-Large….

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Fox Racing Shox Use Slick Technology in 2011

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fox Racing Shox Use Slick Technology in 2011

fox racing shox slick technology 2011   Fox Racing Shox Use Slick Technology in 2011

Fox Shox will receive a new treatment in 2011, a gold colored Kashima Coat by Miyaki Company located in Japan. We have seen the Kashima coating used on motorcycles and cars, but due to the technology of low friction plus combating wear and tear, Fox will use it on the suspension forks and shocks.

The Fox Racing Shox Kashima Coat for 2011 was race tested in 2009 by select riders, and in fact the Fox Racing Shox sponsored riders took home wins using the Kashima Coat suspension, which includes four world cup wins, Men’s and Women’s British National Downhill Championship, and World Championship victory by Jared Graves who rides for Yeti and Fox. Overall, durability has been added to the shox, but Fox has said a decrease in friction was noticed, which in turn added a increase in suspension performance.

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FOX Racing and GT Bicycles forge a MTB Team

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FOX Racing and GT Bicycles forge a MTB Team

fox racing and gt bicycles forge a mtb team   FOX Racing and GT Bicycles forge a MTB Team

FOX Racing and GT Bicycles forged a new partnership for 2010. Their new partnership marks the start of a successful merger in the land of competitive mountain bike racing.

Excited and thrilled over the new turn of events, the riders under the FOX banner are:

Marc Beaumont-placed 5th on 2008 World Cup Downhill in Canada

Andrew Cho-placed 4th on the 2009 Ranchstyle Slopestyle

Kevin Aiello-placed 2nd on the 2009 Fontana National Men’s Elite Downhill

Eric Carter-placed 1st on the 2009 4X World Championships

Mick Hannah-placed 2nd on the 2009 South Africa World Cup

FOX Racing also reaffirms its support for the Giant MTB Team. The DH team is comprised of Jared Rando, who placed 5th on the DH Australian MTB Championships 2008, Duncan Riffle and Danny Hart, who took 3rd place on the 2009 Junior DH World Championships. Other riders on the team also supported by FOX are Adam Craig, Oli Beckingsale, Carl Decker,…

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