pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fox Duncan Sport Eyewear

fox duncan sport eyewear   Fox Duncan Sport Eyewear

It has been years since Fox made its first try on the eye-wear front, teaming up with Oakley to make a various range of designs. Releasing five brand new designs, this product is just in time for the approaching summer season.

Since Fox teamed up with Oakley, expect to see some similarities. There are five new designs in this collection. Though its riding sunglass is strictly Duncan Sport, Oakley went with more angular lines.

The Duncan Sport features a Hydrophobic coating on its frame. The wraparound frame is made up of O-Matter with an Unobtainium ear pieces and a nose pad to fit your face perfectly, allowing its user to cruise around without worrying about the frame slipping out of position. The Duncan Sport comes in seven color combinations to choose from.

Also available in non-sports designs: the Super Duncan, Rayavanna, Decorum and the Heartless….

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