pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fox 32 TALAS 140 FIT Terralogic Fork

2011 fox 32 talas 140 fit terralogic fork   2011 Fox 32 TALAS 140 FIT Terralogic Fork

Fox’s latest addition to its ever expanding fork collection can be pretty much summed up as a transformer. The 2011 Fox 32 TALAS FIT Terralogic Fork delivers everything its rider would need in order to conquer the great outdoors.

And all this, just like the massive robots of the 80s, can be done on the fly, transforming your bike into the perfect uphill machine or downhill warrior.

The fork‘s TALAS system gives you the option to adjust your traveling mode from 5.5″ to 4.3″ with a quick adjustment of a 15 point dial, helping you climb faster and with more traction and just as easily switch back to the normal setting. And don’t worry about forgetting to switch back to your normal setting, since this new fork will automatically switch back to the normal setting after a period of time. Smart right?

Rather than facing bigger bumps or potholes in the…

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